PhD Podcast Learning Module 5: Recording Your Interviews


To understand steps involved in recording your podcast and resources available at Yale. 

Individual Activities:

  1. Recording good quality sound is essential for a podcast. There are many tools available to use for recording interviews, scripts, and other sounds you will need in your podcast. Read more about these tools here.
  2. Many of your desired guests might not be able to travel all the way to your recording studio to be able to do interviews. Having a strategy for remote recording is an important toolkit for serious podcasters. Read some strategies for remote interviewing here.
  3. Having good software to record sounds makes editing a lot easier.  We recommend Adobe Audition, which is free to Yale students. Audacity is also free. If you haven’t already, download your software and start familiarizing yourself with it.
  4. Choosing an appropriate place to record your podcast is essential. Background noises can ruin an otherwise perfect setup. Read about strategies to find good places to record here.

Yale Resources:

  1. Yale Broadcast Studio.
  2. Yale Poorvu Center’s Recording Studio.
  3. Yale library rents equipment.

Team Activities:

  1. Determine whether your interviewees will need to be interviewed remotely. Decide on strategies for remote interviewing.
  2. Hold mock interviews with the team to practice using equipment and troubleshoot before the actual interviews/
  3. Try to reserve slots at Yale resources mentioned above. If you can’t get slots, decide which other places might be suitable for recording.