PhD Podcast Learning Module 6: Mixing and Editing of Your Soundtrack


To learn how to mix and edit your episodes and resources available at Yale.

Individual Activities:

  1. Editing a podcast is an essential step to make the audio quality better, put in catchy music, and make it more engaging for the audience. Read about some concepts regarding why editing is necessary here, and some tips on how to start thinking about editing here.
  2. The right microphone, paired with the right recording equipment will greatly improve sound quality. This in turn will make the editing process go smoother. Read more about the basic steps involved in sound editing here, and here.
  3. Music forms an important component of podcasts. We refer some websites that offer free music for podcasts below:
    1. Epidemic Sound.
    2. Anchor.
    3. Adobe Stock Music Collection.
  4. Also see these editing tips for your software:
    1. Adobe Audition. (free to Yale students)
    2. Audacity

Yale Resources:

  1. Yale Broadcast Studio.
  2. Yale Poorvu Center’s Recording Studio.

Group Activities:

  1. Discuss how your team will work together edit the episode, review drafts, and provide feedback.
  2. Discuss how you will use and source the music for your episode.
  3. Assign tasks and set deadlines.