10 Websites You Need To See Before Applying To Law School

The Law School Admissions Councilhttps://www.lsac.org/

LSAC is the primary site for information about applying to law school, and in fact you will register for the LSAT and actually apply to law schools through this site. It is a wealth of information about law school and the whole application process.

The American Bar Associationhttps://www.americanbar.org/topics/legaled/

The ABA is the official association for the legal profession and has a section on legal education listing all of the ABA accredited law schools, and much other valuable information relating to the entire legal profession.

The National Association for Law Placementhttps://www.nalp.org/

NALP is a great resource for all things related to legal employment and the legal job market. They have salary surveys and very up-to-date information about legal hiring.

The Khan Academyhttps://www.khanacademy.org/prep/lsat

The Khan Academy has free online LSAT prep—a very helpful resource for those looking for guidance as they start to prep for the LSAT.

AccessLex Institutehttps://www.accesslex.org

AccessLex has tremendous resources for those looking for information about the cost of law school, paying for law school, and scholarships for legal education, amongst other resources they offer.

The LSAC Official Guide to ABA Approved Law Schoolshttps://officialguide.lsac.org/release/OfficialGuide_Default.aspx

The LSAC Official Guide has a very good GPA/LSAT score admissions chart. The data included is official data from law schools, which can be very helpful. You can plug in your GPA and LSAT score and try to assess your chances of admission.

The (Kaplan Test Prep Wilson-Stern) Book of Law School Listshttps://www.bu.edu/caspreprofessional/files/2020/02/The-2019-2020-Book-of-Law-School-Lists.pdf

The book of lists has extremely detailed information you may find helpful about law schools, including specialty programs and dual degree programs offered by various law schools.

The ABA Standard 509 Employment Reports: https://www.abarequireddisclosures.org/employmentoutcomes.aspx

The 509 employment reports are incredibly useful to look at when you are evaluating different schools. They give a picture of their recent graduate employment status, including the employment rate and the top three states in which recent graduates are employed.

Your School’s Pre-law Website:

Each college typically has its own pre-law webpage, where you can find out about individual programs at your school and connect to your pre-law advisors. Many applicants are unaware that this resource exists at their college, and many schools also advise alums applying to law school.

Each Law School’s Admissions Website:

When in doubt, check with each law school you are applying to for more detailed information about that school’s deadlines, policies, updates and links to possible scholarships affiliated with that particular law school. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them directly!

Writtien by: Hillary Mantis. Hillary works with pre-law students, law students and lawyers.

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