Big Interview (AI Resume Reviews and Mock Interviews)

Big Interview is a system designed to meet your needs. Start with an AI Resume Review to see how your resume will be viewed by an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), and receive tips for improvement within minutes. Check out the step-by-step curriculum of expert video lessons with AI-based virtual practice interview tools, and run your own mock interview for instant feedback as you prepare for internships, jobs, fellowships, and graduate programs! 
  1. Log in through your Yale Career Link Account, choose Resources from the top toolbar, and scroll down to “My Shortcuts”, choose Big Interview.
  2. Update Your Profile: On your initial login only, answer a few questions and click ‘Save’ for a more personalized experience.
  3. AI Resume Review:
    • From the top toolbar, choose My Resumes
    • If you are just starting, choose Resume Templates to download Yale-specific templates
    • If you are ready to scan a resume, choose Scan Resume from the dropdown
    • Under the second tab, labeled From Your Organization, choose your desired Resume Profile (Undergraduate, Masters, etc.)
    • Click View on the right and follow the prompts to scan your resume
    • Each user has up to 5 scans daily and those reset at midnight (EST)
  4. Practice Mock Interviews:
    • From the top toolbar, choose Practice
    • Choose which type of mock interview you would like to use
    • NOTE: Most users opt for the Practice Interview Option, which walks you through the steps to start a new mock interview, but we encourage you to try out all the options