Black Men in White Coats

The Wake-Up Call!

In 2013, the Association of American Medical Colleges released an alarming report informing the nation that the already low number of black men applicants to medical school was decreasing! This was a wake-up call! A call to action! Since then, The Mission has been underway!

The Mission!

Black Men In White Coats seeks to Increase The Number of Black Men In The Field of Medicine by exposure, inspiration, and mentoring. To accomplish this, we are partnering with various medical schools across the country to produce outstanding short documentary videos which bring awareness to this issue that not only affects the black male population, but also the nation as a whole.

The Action Plan!

While awareness is a necessary first step to solve any problem, it remains just the first step. Via an innovative web-based eMentoring model, our partners at DiverseMedicine Inc (DMI) have brought mentoring to the age of technology, making it possible for students who otherwise would have no guidance, to gain the much needed insights to pursue a career in medicine. Pertaining to black male physicians, we are seeking to gain as many mentors as possible to virtually mentor premedical students nationwide in a structured eMentoring model that is not limited by money, time, or location. Furthermore, in partnership with PreMed StAR, we aim to provide online recruitment opportunities for premedical students who otherwise may be overlooked due to a lack of resources. This is The Mission!

How You Can Help!

After every Black Men in White Coats video is released, we always get the same feedback. That is “these videos need to be played in the public schools throughout the country.” You can help make that happen. We have drafted a template for you to copy, edit, and send to your school district superintendent and/or the chairman of your state’s board of education. Help us get this letter to every state school board chairman in the country!