Health Professions Applicant Preparation

2023 – 2024 Application Cycle

View this slide deck document about applicant preparation for Health Professions Programs. 

The Health Professions Evaluation Profile is a comprehensive, unique profile document for undergraduates and alums of Yale College to complete as you reflect on your candidacy preparation for medical, dental, veterinary, or other health professions program. This document is only shared with the OCS health profession advisors.

After completing the form – due to the Health Professions Advisory Program (HPAP) between Jan. 5 – Feb. 17, 2023 – you will schedule an hour-long advising appointment with a HPAP advisor to discuss your upcoming application in detail.  These appointments will take place between mid-January to late-April, 2023.

  • It is suggested you submit the form by February 17 to secure a preferred appointment slot, but the system will remain open through March.

The advising appointment provides an opportunity to discuss your background, academic preparation, and motivation for the study and practice of medicine or other chosen medical field.  There will be ample time to discuss your potential school list, whom you plan to ask for letters of recommendation, and other questions you may have about the application process.

If there are areas of concern with your application (bad semester, disciplinary history, etc.), be open and honest with the advisor so a candid discussion can occur about how best to present your credentials and advocate for yourself during the application process.

Note: All Yale College students and alumni applying to health professions programs are strongly encouraged to participate in this process.

Submitting Materials

The following materials must be submitted through the Applicant Preparation Profile Form:

*Please note, you do not need to complete the Applicant Preparation Profile Form (Closed for 2023) in one session as partial responses will be stored automatically. You may return to your previous session as long as you:

  • Do not clear your browser history
  • Enter your name, email and program(s)
  • Resume using the same device and the same browser

File Upload Instructions
Please upload a resume and headshot using Box @ Yale. Title all files with your last and first name, e.g. Smith_John_ Resume or Smith_John_headshot

Resumes are accepted in .docx or .pdf format
Headshots are accepted in .jpeg or .png format

You can upload your documents here or using the imbedded submission form below.

If using the form imbedded through Qualtrics, please make sure to hit the blue submit button the the bottom of the imbedded submission form (scroll for the submit button) to ensure your information is submitted directly to Box. Hitting the “Submit all Materials” button on the Qualtrics form will not submit your documents, but will submit your survey responses. If you are not able to submit your resume and headshot through this method, you can always email with your resume and headshot and we can add them to your file.

Scheduling an Applicant Preparation Advising Appointment

After your application materials have been approved by the HPAP Office, you will receive an email with further information about scheduling an hour-long advising appointment. These appointments will be available mid-January to late-April 2023 and can be scheduled via Yale Career Link. It is advisable to schedule the appointment by mid-February to ensure you find a time convenient to your schedule. If you have questions, please email the Health Professions Advisory Program at