Public Health/Health Policy Fellowships

The following list includes a sample of post-graduate fellowships in Public Health/Health Policy. This is not intended to be a complete list but instead should help one get started in their research of gap year opportunities.

Alliance Health Project
This one-year program helps AHP to better manage the volume of high-quality services we offer, and also to groom future mental health, social service, and public health providers with expertise in HIV care.

amfAR: Allan Rosenfield, M.D., HIV/AIDS Public Policy Internship and Fellowship program
amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, is pleased to announce the establishment of the Allan Rosenfield, M.D., HIV/AIDS Public Policy Internship and Fellowship program. This training program has been established for exceptional college undergraduates and graduate students who aspire to become leaders in public health and in the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Barbara Jordan Health Policy Scholars Program
The Barbara Jordan Health Policy Scholars Program brings talented college seniors and recent graduates to Washington, D.C., where they are placed in congressional offices and learn about health policy issues, with a focus on issues affecting racial and ethnic minority and underserved communities. Through the ten-week program (May 17–July 24, 2010), Scholars gain knowledge about federal legislative procedure and health policy issues, while further developing their critical thinking and leadership skills. In addition to gaining experience in a congressional office, Scholars participate in seminars and site visits to augment their knowledge of health care issues, and write and present a health policy research memo that addresses a problem of concern to disadvantaged populations.

Department of Health and Human Services Emerging Leaders Program
The Emerging Leaders program seeks to attract the best and brightest Bachelor and Masters level graduates to combine scholastic achievement and professional experience in our nation’s Health and Human Services Department. The program includes: a structured orientation to the Department of Health and Human Services and its operating division; a blended learning environment that incorporates classroom training, web based training, on the job learning activities and an introduction to corporate level competence; diverse development assignments; 3 to 5 rotational assignments with HHS; a mentor to assist with career development; and the ability to choose a career in the following career paths: scientific, public health, social science, information technology; and administrative.

Emerson National Hunger Fellowship
The Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship, a project of the Congressional Hunger Center, is a unique leadership development opportunity for motivated individuals seeking to make a difference in the struggle to eliminate hunger and poverty. Each year 20 participants are selected for this eleven-month program. Fellows are placed for half their term of service with urban and rural community-based organizations all over the country involved in fighting hunger at the local level. For the other half of their service, they are placed with national organizations involved in the anti-hunger and poverty movement.

Family USA Villers Fellowship for Health Care Justice
The Villers Fellow works as a full-time policy analyst in Families USA’s Health Policy Department. The Fellowship is based in the Families USA office in Washington, D.C. and is designed to provide the Fellow with a national perspective on health care justice work and the opportunity to learn about a range of health care justice issues. The Fellow’s principal responsibilities include conducting primary and secondary research on a range of health care issues and health reform topics—such as Medicaid, Medicare, the state Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and the private insurance market—as well as writing and contributing to publications that are relevant to current health reform issues. The fellowship will last one year.

Health for America
This program grants a $50,000 year-long fellowship to young leaders from diverse academic backgrounds, including computer science, design, entrepreneurship, and health. Over the course of the year, fellows will work together to gain practical immersive experience in health innovation, with help from physicians and community leaders and exposure to different areas of the country. The application is typically due in February for a September start date.

Mapping Health
The goal of Mapping Health is to use information tools to improve communication and understanding of health issues. We use recent advances in the fields of data collection and analysis, interactive visualizations, GIS, and other information technologies. The audience is policy-makers, health professionals, community health workers, patients, … and anyone interested in promoting the health of populations, loved ones, or themselves! The plan, if people demonstrate interest in this initiative, is that we will create interactive visualizations of other health topics. We hope to incorporate requests and feedback from the audience.

Mickey Leland International Hunger Fellows Program
The Mickey Leland International Hunger Fellowship is a unique leadership development opportunity for experienced, motivated individuals seeking to make a difference in the struggle to eliminate hunger and poverty worldwide. This two-year program begins with a one-year field placement in countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Fellows are assigned to national and international non-governmental organizations, private sector entities, and bi-lateral and multi-lateral organizations. Fellows spend their second year in a policy environment, usually at the headquarters of the organizations where they served during their field placements.

Pedro Zamora Public Policy Fellowship
In the spirit of AIDS activist, educator, and reality-show trailblazer Pedro Zamora’s work to combat the spread of HIV, AIDS United offers a public policy fellowship in his name. The Pedro Zamora Public Policy Fellowship is an excellent opportunity for both undergraduate and graduate students seeking experience in public policy and government affairs focused on HIV/AIDS issues. 8-26 weeks. Application timeframes vary with the term applied for.

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Sparkman Center
In today’s interdependent global economy, the need for cooperation between governments, international agencies, organizations, and institutions in alleviating global health problems has increased. The Sparkman Center has a history of successful collaboration with institutions abroad in implementing graduate-level educational and training programs in public health. In addition, the Center has collaborated with the WHO and PAHO and sponsored numerous short-term training programs in various developing countries.