STEM PPG Module 1 : Self-Assessments and Transferable Skills

Objective: To utilize self-assessment resources designed for PhDs to explore career families.

Individual Activities

  1. Complete myIDP and/or ImaginePhD self-assessments for skills, interests, and values.
  2. Choose 1 or 2 career families that you would like to explore. You can explore these careers directly on the IDP webistes, on LinkedIn, or on VersatilePhD.
  3. Identify specific roles within this career family for further exploration.
    1. What responsibilities do they have? What skills do they require?
    2. What about these jobs do you like? Dislike?
  4. Some of the skills used in this job may not be directly related to your research, but are skills that you practice throughout your PhD that are transferable to non-academic positions and are also known as transferable skills.
    1. What transferable skills are important in this career family?
    2. Think of an experience from your graduate school experience in which you practiced one such transferable skill. Be prepared to discuss this with your group.

Group Activities

  1. Discuss the results of your assessments:
    1. What career families did you match with based on your self-assessment? Were you familiar with these careers?
    2. What career family/roles did you choose to further explore? Why?
  2. Share what you learned from exploring careers you matched with.
    1. What kind of experience(s) & skill(s) are employers looking for in the positions you searched? Are any of these transferable skills?
    2. Have you/can you work on these skills during your PhD training? Are there other resources here at Yale you can utilize to gain this experience?
  3. Brainstorm a list of transferable skills that are applicable to your career family and examples where you practiced or demonstrated these skills. This will be especially useful for developing your professional narrative and your resume.