STEM PPG Module 2: Building Your Professional Narrative

Objective: To practice and prepare to effectively network, especially with individuals currently working in a role you might be interested in.

Individual Activities

  1. Review OCS resources on networking and professional narratives
    1. Networking
    2. Telling your Story
    3. Your Professional Narrative
    4. Professional Online Identity
  2. Brainstorm the image you hope to convey while networking. Are you an entrepreneur? An excellent communicator? How can you weave this into your narrative?
  3. Complete this worksheet to prepare some content for your elevator pitch
  4. Create/update your LinkedIn account with your current role, interests, and career goals. Connect with your colleagues.
  5. Explore Yale Cross Campus and LinkedIn to find alumni working in a career you’re interested in learning more about. You can search for alumni with a PhD, alumni from your department, or alumni working in a specific career of interest.

Group Activities

  1. Discuss tips and strategies for effective networking. We know that networking is an essential part of career development, but it can often be a challenge. Do you have any strategies that have helped you in the past?
  2. Work on developing your professional narrative. You have thought about what you’d like to convey about yourself, and hopefully written this out on the worksheet linked above. Now it’s time to think about how to convey it!
    1. Opening: What year are you? What do you study? What are your career interests?
    2. Motivation: Why are you interested Job X or Industry Y?
    3. Accomplishments & Transferable  Skills: What progress have you made in your current role? What transferable skills (that are important for the job you are interested in) have you gained through your research or other activities (such as science outreach experience, or volunteering) during your time at Yale?
    4. Supporting Experiences: How have you further developed these transferable skills?
    5. Closing: How are these experiences preparing you for your position of interest? How does this relate to the person you’re currently speaking with?
  3. Practice sharing your professional narrative. The more you practice, the more confident you will feel sharing your narrative when meeting new people! This will be important for next month’s topic: informational interviewing.