STEM PPG Module 4: Making an Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Objective: To get a set of milestones and concrete objectives laid out via an IDP

What is an IDP?
IDPs are documents which help plan and reflect on your professional journey. Most IDPs will start with an evaluation of your own skills, interests, and values. With those qualities in mind, IDPs then will help you explore and evaluate opportunities within similarly aligned careers. The exploration process is usually guided by resources with lots of information about different fields and opportunities, which are then turned into more concrete goals and objectives for your IDP.

Individual Activities

  1. This activity will walk through myIDP, but you are encouraged to additionally explore Versatile or ImaginePhD
    1.  If you do not have an account already, sign up for a free myIDP account
      1. If you have not completed a skills/interests/values assessment before, it is recommended that you complete the PPG Module 1: Self Assessments and Transferable Skills
    2. Navigate to ‘Career Exploration > Choose a Career Path‘ to read the Quick Tips and answer the questions in My Career Plan
      1. If you are uncertain about how to answer under ‘Long term career goal‘, remember that career exploration is an iterative process. It is okay to have tentative goals at first, explore the opportunities along the path to that goal, and then adjust your goals later on.
    3. Navigate to ‘Create Plan‘ and read about ‘> Career Advancement Goals‘, ‘> Skill Goals‘, and ‘> Project Goals‘ and select areas to work on in myIDP’s checkbox system
  2. Brainstorm activities you can get involved with to close any gaps you might have (we recommend checking out upcoming Yale events listed on the OCS Website or the Poorvu Center Website)
    1. Are there groups/positions on campus you can get involved with?
    2. Are there external opportunities you can seek out?

Group Activities

  1. Recap each group member’s career exploration and share your answers to the following questions:
    1. Did you have any thoughts of what careers you might be interested when you came into your current Yale program?
    2. How have your thoughts changed over this past year?
    3. Is there one career that stands out to you?
    4. What skills might you need to work on to be a strong candidate for this role? How can you do that? As a group, brainstorm activities each member can get involved with to work on skills they might need
  2. Complete the following activity individually for 5-10 minutes, then come together as a group to share. Create a written/typed career plan with SMART goals:
    1. What (3) skills do you hope to obtain by the time you finish your Yale program that will make you a stronger candidate for a job you’re interested in?
    2. How do you plan to practice those skills? What clubs or activities can you participate in?
    3. What steps will you need to take along the way?
    4. How will you monitor your progress?