STEM PPG Program Details and Tips

How it Works

  • One Topic of Focus for each month, through September to December during the fall semester
  • The Topic of Focus for each month will be released on this webpage, and simultaneously through emails, OCS Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • ~1 hour of individual activities related to each month’s topic, to be completed before peer group meeting
  • ~1 hour peer professionalization group meeting with additional group activities and discussion
  • Attend at least 2 additional workshop, career lab, panels, treks, or other career related activity per semester, preferrably with group members

How to Sign Up and be Matched in a Group

  • Sign-ups are currently closed. Registration will open in August.
  • Group members will be matched based on the following criteria in order: location on campus, career interest.
  • A point of contact person is designated upon group formation. The point of contact is mainly responsible for scheduling small group meetings and logging monthly activity.

Program Outline

  • Module 1: Self-assessment & transferable skills
  • Module 2: Building your professional narrative & networking
  • Module 3: Informational interviewing
  • Module 4: Making a plan for career exploration

Program Resources

  • Program guidebook, provided to PPG members upon enrollment
  • Career Strategy Workbook GSAS Rubrics and Worksheet
  • Registered PPG members will receive an invitation to a Slack Group for real time updates on career and professional development activities and opportunities available to Yale students


  • Scheduling group meetings: the best practice is to set a recurring date monthly that works for everyone (e.g. 4-5 pm the last Monday afternoon every month).
  • Group leadership and cooperation: point of contact is responsible for holding the group together, but defenitively every group member’s commitment and enthusiasm is the key to make the most out of this program.
  • Group communication: face-to-face meetings are strongly preferred. However, if occassionaly geographic limits come in the way, Zoom is recommended to facilitate small group meetings.