The Poorvu CTL Certificate for Public Communication

3MT participants who take advantage of GWL, OCS, and Poorvu CTL professional development resources and compete in the 3MT semi-finals are eligible to earn the Poorvu CTL Certificate for Public Communication. The Certificate aims to recognize the commitment and key skills developed by students who continue through the semi-finals and actively leverage the resources available to them in the areas of professional oral and written communication, peer-to-peer collaboration, and interdisciplinary networking.

Requirements for earning the Certificate:

1. Use at least 2 resources in each of the “3 Themes” Categories (list of resources emailed to all who enroll – early enrollment is encouraged)
2. Use the GWL PitchVantage Public Speaking Studio to polish your speech before the preliminary competition
3. Participate in the 3MT preliminary competition by submitting your application and Panopto recording by the deadline
4. Complete a brief self-reflection form after the competition is finished

Enroll in the Spring 2021 Certificate Program here as you prepare for the 3MT Competition!

For questions about the Certificate program, please email Julia Istomina, Assistant Director of The Graduate Writing Lab, at