An Insider’s Take on Internships and Jobs on Capitol Hill (Provided by Women in Government)

Watch this video to get an insider’s takes on internships and jobs on Capitol Hill. This panel will feature three Yale College graduates – Katelyn Reanne Asmus (staffer, Senator Joni Erst); Aviva Abusch (staffer, HFAC Subcommittee on the Middle East, North Africa, and International Terrorism); and Jessica Steffen (intern, Congressman Ron Estes) – and will be moderated by Women in Government ambassador Tanisha Gupta. Get answers to questions you might have about working on Capitol Hill, such as: * How did you find you job/internship? Students often feel that a prior connection is needed to get into government… is this true? * What is your favorite aspect of working on the Hill? What is one thing you would change? * How has this role prepared you for future career opportunities? * What are the main skills that are needed in these roles? What should students highlight in resumes and cover letters to increase the likelihood of getting a position? * Hill internships are often unpaid and jobs are incredibly underpaid. What recommendations do you have for applicants?