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With our new online collection of videos, you can hear from Yale alumni, staff, and other distinguished panelists as they discuss their career paths and offer advice on getting started with an pursuing a career.

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Telling Your Story

Preparing for an interview or networking event? Wondering how to respond to "Tell me about yourself"? Watch this video to get clear guidance on what to consider when preparing for these conversations.

The Career Decision-Making Process

What goes into making career decisions? In this video, we'll cover the key aspects of the career decision-making process.

The Job Search

Looking for a job can feel like a full-time job. Watch this video to get clear, specific guidance on how to streamline your job search process.

Yale Career Link

With so many great resources available through Yale Career Link, it might be difficult to know where to start. Watch this video to get a valuable overview of what this system has to offer.

Yale Career Network

Wondering where all of the Yale alum contact information lives? Look no further! This video will direct you to one of Yale's key networking resources: Yale Career Network.

The Artist & the Industry: Bringing Your Yale Experience to Stage and Screen

A professional panel and reception moderated by Broadway producer Debbie Bisno and focused on career strategies for the theater, film, television, and entertainment industries.

How to Overcome a Career Slump

From time to time all of us can experience a career slump; however, it can be a meaningful experience. It allows us to identify the gaps in our work and career. Together we will explore your interests, motivated skills, personality style, needs and values to allow you to achieve greater career satisfaction.

Academic Job Search & Preparing the Cover Letter in Humanities

This workshop will provide a general introduction to the academic job search in the humanities, touching on the job market cycle and understanding how search committees work. We will then take a closer look at the essential elements of your cover letter, best practices and common mistakes, and discuss ways of tailoring your application.

Career Education Series: Corporate Social Responsibility

Are you interested in learning about careers in corporate social responsibility? Join the Office of Career Strategy and panelists to learn what it is like to work in this field.

Yale Alumni in Dance: A Panel Discussion, Part 1

A discussion with Yale alumni on their diverse career paths in the dance world.