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Adviser-led workshops and tutorials address topics including interviewing skills, requesting letters of recommendation, and job and internship searches.

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Job Salary Negotiations

Should you negotiate a job offer? If so, how and when should you negotiate? What is the best approach to researching market salary ranges? How do you evaluate multiple offers? Mistakes to avoid? This webinar will explain the art of salary negotiation and how to position yourself for success.

Cover Letters

Watch this brief video to learn the basics of writing a strong cover letter, and hear Office of Career Strategy Advisers' specific advice.

CV to Resume Conversion

Watch this video to learn how to start converting your CV into a Resume.


Uncomfortable with the idea of networking? Watch this video to reframe your thinking.

Preparing for Industry Events

Ready to attend the Office of Career Strategy Networking Events? Watch this video to hear specific advice from the Office of Career Strategy.

Preparing for Interviews

Interviews make most people nervous. Watch this video to learn what it takes to prepare for an interview.

Professional Correspondence

Writing to an employer or contact requires the use of a professional tone. This video covers the key elements of strong professional writing.


Applying for jobs or internships? Watch this video to get specific advice on content and format.

Salary Negotiation

Most people don't negotiate their job offers, but most employers expect it. Watch this video to learn key tips and advice to prepare for the job negotiation process.

Summer Internship Search

Looking for a summer internship? Watch this video to learn key steps to take to secure an internship.