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Adviser-led workshops and tutorials address topics including interviewing skills, requesting letters of recommendation, and job and internship searches.

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Telling Your Story

Preparing for an interview or networking event? Wondering how to respond to "Tell me about yourself"? Watch this video to get clear guidance on what to consider when preparing for these conversations.

The Career Decision-Making Process

What goes into making career decisions? In this video, we'll cover the key aspects of the career decision-making process.

The Job Search

Looking for a job can feel like a full-time job. Watch this video to get clear, specific guidance on how to streamline your job search process.

Yale Career Link

With so many great resources available through Yale Career Link, it might be difficult to know where to start. Watch this video to get a valuable overview of what this system has to offer.

Yale Career Network

Wondering where all of the Yale alum contact information lives? Look no further! This video will direct you to one of Yale's key networking resources: Yale Career Network.

Making a Career Transition Workshop

Thinking about a career transition can be a daunting and challenging experience. Changing careers is a process and the results are not always immediate. This presentation will outline steps that you can take and prepare for that will help set you up for success.

Success During Your First Year on the Job

This presentation provides tips on how to succeed during your first year on the job.

Moving Up the Career Ladder: 3 Essential Skills to Create High-Performing Teams, Stand-Out, and Get Promoted

Jo Ilfeld, PhD, presents a refreshing and frank workshop about the leadership skills you need to skyrocket your influence and project executive presence in the workplace. You'll walk away from this webinar with practical strategies to use right away from this webinar with practical strategies to use right away to shift the way colleagues, managers and direct reports respond to you. You'll understand how to quickly build influence and master the subtle signals of executive presence. You'll learn how-to strategies for creating and standing-out on strong, high-performing teams.

Defining Your Professional Identity

You have approached a crossroads in your career and are looking to explore alternatives, but where do you start? View this webinar to learn how to navigate various aspects of this transition, from initial exploration through implementation. Acquire strategies and resources to research potential careers, identify transferable skills, and create an action plan in order to take this next step in your professional journey.

Life After Yale Series: Financial Literacy

Topics will include, how to prepare income taxes, understanding your paystub, how to budget money for eating, clothes and entertainment.