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Choosing a Career

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The liberal arts education you are receiving at Yale, regardless of your major, equips you with highly valued skills that will make you competitive as you enter the workforce. Yale students are often for their future potential, and for the qualities most valued by employers – critical reasoning, quantitative skills, creativity, writing and presentation skills, and research ability.

Choosing a Major

Pursue an area that you’re passionate about, focusing on subjects that you will enjoy studying. Through your extracurricular activities and internship experiences you will further develop the skills you’re gaining through your curriculum to try out a diverse range of careers. Study subjects you enjoy, knowing that your major may or may not lead to a specific career outcome, but will give you a valuable set of transferrable skills that can be applied in a variety of career settings.

The Career Decision-Making Process

As you progress through Yale, the Office of Career Strategy is available to help you navigate the career decision-making process. This process begins with reflecting upon your unique skills and interests, and how those fit with career choices. We recommend that you start early and make time to explore your options and try them out; this will help you make informed decisions about which career is best for you.