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Common Good & Creative Careers Fellowships & Internships

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Each year, working with alumni, faculty, and industry connections, Common Good and Creative Careers (CGCC) manages a number of focused internship opportunities. These funded opportunities are intended to support and extend creative, public, and non-profit student interest. CGCC currently manages a total of eight different summer programs, ranging in size from one to 30 student recipients per summer. Although these programs cover a wide variety of industries from working on policy initiatives to interning at Yale in Hollywood, we have successfully implemented some consistent programmatic requirements. Further, CGCC appreciates the benefits of experiential learning and therefore takes great pride in striving for substantive opportunities that will allow our students to learn about a particular industry, become immersed in one or more job functions, and network with mentors.

CGCC Fellowships & Internships

Dara Rei Onishi '97 Fellowship - supports two students engaging in education-related internships during the summer. The two recipients receive a stipend of $3,500 each.

Paul Block Internship - summer experience in the fast-paced arena of daily journalism at the award-winning, family-owned newspapers the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Toledo Blade. $4,000 stipend.

Tremaine Contemporary Art Internship - [inactive Summer 2018] funded arts research position through the New Haven based Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation. $3,500 stipend.

William F. Buckley Summer Internships - funded positions at employers that include the National Review, The New Criterion, the Manhattan Institute, Forbes Magazine, and Gingrich Productions. $4,000 stipend.

Women in Government Fellowship - designed to encourage Yale undergraduates to explore political careers by participating in challenging internships in political arenas. Recipients receive a stipend of $5,000 each.

Yale Alumni Community Service Fellowships - places undergraduates in funded community service positions throughout the country. Internships are at least 8 weeks in duration. $2,800 stipend.

Yale in Hollywood Internships - alumni programmed entertainment industry summer opportunities intended to provide students with an introduction to the components of the industry: talent management & representation, production, screenwriting & editing, development, and various business aspects.

Yawkey Community Service Fellowship - places undergraduates in funded nonprofit positions in the Connecticut, Rhode Island and Boston area with a $4,000 stipend.