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Job and Internship Offer Guidelines

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Deciding whether to accept or decline an employment offer can arouse considerable anxiety. It is important that you do not feel pressured to make a hasty and ill-considered decision. Please consult an Office of Career Strategy career adviser to discuss your options. We strongly encourage you to relay your decisions in writing to the employer.

  • Yale’s Office of Career Strategy recommends that employers provide Yale students four (4) weeks to decide on an internship or full-time offer. Employers are encouraged to consider reasonable requests for additional time on a case by case basis. 


  • Public Service/Public Interest Exception: Candidates may request that an employer extend the deadline to accept an employer's offer until as late as April 1 if the candidate is actively pursuing positions with public interest, government organizations or a national fellowship award.  Candidates may hold open only one offer in such circumstances.  Employers are encouraged to grant such requests.

After you have made your decision, the Office of Career Strategy recommends notifying the employer by telephone and following up with an acceptance letter. Please keep in mind that when you accept an offer, you have a professional obligation to join that employer.  Reneging on an offer (i.e., accepting an offer, changing your mind and then rejecting it) is extremely unprofessional; doing so damages your professional reputation, the reputation of Yale alumni employed by that organization and, of course, the reputation of Yale University.


Sample Correspondence