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OCR Interview Cancellation Policy

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Before signing up for an interview with an employer, please check your schedule carefully to avoid conflicts.  Students may freely cancel an interview using Yale Career Link, powered by Symplicity as long as it is prior to 9:30am two business days in advance of the interview date. This allows time for an alternate to sign up in that interview slot and prepare for that interview.

Students may not cancel an interview with less than two business days’ notice. Cancelling an interview with short notice:

  • deprives a fellow Yale student the opportunity to interview with that employer
  • reflects poorly on Yale on the whole and can damage the long-term relationship between Yale and that employer

We understand that emergencies arise. If there is an emergency or you are severely ill, and it less than two business days before your interview, you must contact the Office of Career Strategy at 203-432-0804 or as soon as possible. This way, we can attempt to find an alternate to fill your interview slot.

The Office of Career Strategy discourages students from missing class for on or off campus interviews. Employers have been asked by the Office of Career Strategy to make every effort to accommodate candidates’ class and interview schedules.  Students should not cancel any first-round interviews after the cancellation period in order to make a second-round interview.  Refer to ‘Second-Round Interview Policy’ for more details.

Interview No Shows
Interview no shows are defined as scheduled interview appointments that are missed. Students who miss a scheduled interview appointment or cancel their interview appointment less than two business days in advance will receive a warning letter. A second offense will result in termination of their on-campus interview privileges for the academic year.