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Yale-Coordinated Internship Programs 2018

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Yale-coordinated Internship Programs

Yale-coordinated Domestic & International Internships

The Yale-coordinated International Internships Program and the Yale-coordinated Domestic Internships Program (Bulldogs Across America) offer Yale students the opportunity to work for nine weeks over the summer.  Each location offers internships in a variety of career fields including the arts, politics, global health, technology, community advocacy, think tanks, finance, journalism, and law.  There are both paid and unpaid internships, with some offering other perks such as free lunches or covering commuting costs. Opportunities are offered by Yale alumni, Yale World Fellows (internationally), consortium programs (Denver), and friends of Yale.

Quote: The word “rewarding” doesn’t even begin to describe the amazing time I had with the Esplanade. As I mentioned before, I joined the company knowing almost nothing about what I wanted to do with my life and my Yale education. Now, I am more sure than ever that I want the arts to be a part of my career.

- Muriel Wang (The Esplanade Co., Singapore), Trumbull '20

Common Good & Creative Careers Internships

Each year, working with alumni, faculty, and industry connections, Common Good and Creative Careers (CGCC) manages a number of focused internship opportunities. These funded opportunities are intended to support and extend creative, public, and non-profit student interest.

These programs have separate opening and closing dates, and may have additional and/or different eligibility and program requirements. Please see the specific pages for details.

Application Process

How do I apply?

The positions are available for students to apply in Yale Career Link under Job/Internship Search. 

When do I apply?

Positions open in Yale Career Link on Friday, December 1, 2017. The application deadline for the majority of positions is Friday, January 26, 2018 at 9:30am. You can apply to as many positions as you like, but the Office of Career Strategy strongly encourages you to only apply to those you would seriously consider accepting. Interviews happen in February, and offers are extended in February and March.

Point: Employers will continue to post positions throughout December and January, so check back often!

What material do I need?

For most positions, apply with a resume and a cover letter. Some employers may have additional application requirements, such as the inclusion of a writing sample or an unofficial transcript.

Check out our introductory videos to resumes and cover letters!

What is the interview and acceptance timeline?

Employers will directly contact students they would like to interview. Interviews generally take place during February and March, with offers being extended from late February through March via the Yale Career Link system. Students have five (5) business days to accept an offer for a Yale-coordinated Internship unless otherwise noted. Please refer to the Yale-coordinated Internship Policies for details.

Once an internship is accepted, an email is sent to students outlining next steps.


  • You will likely receive an offer from a Yale-coordinated Domestic Internship without knowing a fellowship decision.
  • Coordinated housing, where offered, is optional.  After you accept your position offer, you will be asked to complete a program registration survey.  Students can identify whether or not they wish to opt into the coordinated housing at that time.  Of course, you can always contact the Office of Career Strategy with any questions you might have.

Professional Development

All Yale-coordinated Internship Programs include professional development opportunities and career exploration through activities with Yale alumni, local and/or cultural events, and Office of Career Strategy written reflections. Students also have support through appointments with Office of Career Strategy advisers throughout the summer via phone or Skype.

Pre-departure Orientations: All students in a Yale-coordinated Internship attend a Pre-departure Orientation. These orientations review how to make the most of a summer professional experience.

Mentorship and Activities: Many locations offer activities, including networking events, where students can connect with alumni and professionals in the field.  

Written Reflections: Students in a Yale-coordinated Internship must complete reflections to think critically about their professional experience and how it relates to their academic experience at Yale, their career interests, and their professional and personal development.

Quote: I have never had an experience such as this internship where I was forced to use my strengths and improve my weakness in such an environment.  I feel like Yale is challenging and very demanding but in a very different way.  This internship is more practical, which I love, but has also helped me learn a lot about myself.

- Anonymous, Hopper ’19, Bulldogs on the Cuyahoga

Policies and Guidelines

The Office of Career Strategy offers a variety of internships in the U.S. and abroad. Many are established via an alumni connection, are Yale-exclusive, and/or include coordinated housing. These are collectively referred to as Yale-coordinated Internships.

Student Eligibility

The Office of Career Strategy’s Yale-coordinated Internship Programs are open to all current Yale College undergraduates and graduate students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Please note that employers set the class years and degrees they are seeking. Please check the job descriptions for details.

Students must be in good standing with the Office of Career Strategy. Students studying abroad must have access to a computer with internet capability to apply.

Expectations of Participating Students

Consider all your other summer obligations before applying (e.g. family travel, other summer plans, student group trips). If you believe you may have a conflict for part of the program, please talk with the Office of Career Strategy before applying to discuss if an accommodation can be made by the employer.

Note: Almost all our Yale-coordinated Internships include costs that students are responsible for paying. Please carefully consider all associated expenses, as outlined in the corresponding domestic and international program pages.

When considering an application submission, keep in mind your values, personal identity, and goals, and carefully consider how you feel about the values of the organization and geographic region. Apply only to opportunities you would seriously consider accepting and those you will be able to fund. There is no limit on applications for Yale-coordinated International or Domestic positions. However, be mindful of where you are applying. Please review the corresponding domestic and international program pages for more information.

Exhibit professionalism throughout the application, interview, offer, and acceptance phases.

  • Research the program, organization, and position before you submit your application and again before you interview.
  • Return calls and emails within two (2) business days.
  • Write professional emails, using “Dear Mr./Ms.” and “Sincerely”.
  • Falsification of any submitted material may result in disciplinary action.

The award of fellowships (when available) is a competitive process and is not guaranteed. Students should apply only to those positions they know they will be able to fund, regardless of a fellowship award.

Once students have accepted a position, they must withdraw all other applications and cease their job search. Failure to abide by this policy may result in disciplinary action. The Office of Career Strategy is committed to preserving employer relationships for future Yale students. Should an unforeseeable conflict arise, please contact the Office of Career Strategy as soon as possible.

Regarding Offers

Accepting an internship should not be taken lightly.

Offers from Yale-coordinated International Internships and those Yale-coordinated Domestic Internships with coordinated housing will require a response within five (5) business days via Yale Career Link. If a student does not respond within five (5) business days, the offer will automatically be rescinded. No exceptions will be made.

If you know your decision before five business days, please ensure you notify the employer as soon as possible; other students may be waiting to hear about the position. Schedule an appointment with the Office of Career Strategy or come to Drop-in Hours if you need assistance with the decision process.

How to manage offers extended via Yale Career Link

Students must accept/reject offers from Yale-coordinated International Internships or Domestic Internships with coordinated housing via Yale Career Link.

  1. Students will receive an email from the system with each offer.
  2. Upon receiving that email notification, log into Yale Career Link, and choose ‘Applications Submitted’.
  3. From there, the student can review the position by clicking on the position title, accept the position by clicking on ‘Accept Offer’, or reject the position by clicking on ‘Reject Offer’. Please note that all decisions are final.

Employers of Yale-coordinated Domestic programs without coordinated housing will notify students directly of their decision via email or phone.

Note: Once you accept an offer, your internship search ceases. Notify all other employers that you are withdrawing your application. Decline any other interviews you are offered; this may open up opportunities for other students. If an unforeseen conflict arises, contact the Office of Career Strategy immediately. Students who accept an internship offer and then renege on their acceptance may lose access to the Office of Career Strategy’s services.


Before the Yale-coordinated Internship, students must:
  • Register their internship in Yale Career Link.
  • Attend a Pre-departure Orientation. See the Guidebooks on the OCS website.
After the Yale-coordinated Internship, students must:
  • Complete and submit a reflection on their experience. Failure to submit the survey by the deadline may result in being blocked from Yale Career Link until it is received.


General Program FAQs

FAQ: Do I apply to the program in general and then I will be placed in an internship position?

Please see the Application Process section. Students must complete the Yale-coordinated Internship Policies & Registration in Yale Career Link to be eligible to apply directly to Yale-coordinated Internship positions.  The positions will be viewable once you complete the registration. Employers will continue to post positions throughout December and January, so students are encouraged to check often.

FAQ: What is the difference between an Yale-coordinated Internship and an independent internship?

A Yale-coordinated Internship means that the Office of Career Strategy works closely with the employers who have posted these positions. OCS is involved in the application and offer process. Some Yale-coordinated Internships have coordinated housing where students have the option to live together. OCS coordinates, but does not fund, the housing arrangements. An independent internship is posted in Yale OCS Symplicity directly by the employer. That employer will handle all of the application and hiring efforts.

FAQ: Can I apply to Yale-coordinated Internships if I am not a U.S. Citizen?

Yes, however, because everyone’s situation is unique, OCS advises any student who is not a U.S. citizen to contact OISS regarding Optional Practical Training for internships in the U.S., or their home country’s embassy to inquire whether they can intern in an overseas location.

FAQ: Once I submit my application, how soon will I be contacted by an employer?

The deadline to apply for most Yale-coordinated Internships is January 26, 2018 at 9:30am. After the application deadline, employers have three weeks to review the applications and conduct interviews with applicants. The timing of individual positions will depend on the employers’ response. In most cases, students will receive offers via Symplicity and must accept or reject them through Symplicity; students will be given five business days to decide about an open offer. No extensions will be permitted.

FAQ: Will the employers conduct interviews?

Yes, OCS encourages the employers to conduct interviews via Skype or phone.

FAQ: Can I accept an internship but live with friends/family/find my own housing instead of living in the Yale-coordinated housing?

Yes. Students must notify OCS by March 30 if they want to live in coordinated housing. If OCS does not receive this information by March 30, the student will not be included in the coordinated housing and the student will secure their own housing.

FAQ: If I accept an offer with an independent internship in one of the Yale-coordinated Internships locations, can I be housed with the Yale-coordinated Internships interns?

This is a case-by-case situation which depends on the housing contract and availability in each location. Students in this situation should contact OCS as soon as possible to discuss the possibility.

International FAQs

FAQ: Is there a language requirement for the International Internships?

This depends on the country, employer, and the type of work and responsibilities. If there is any type of language requirement, it will be in the job description.

FAQ: For the International Internships do I need to use a CV instead of a resume since the hiring employers are not from the U.S.?

You do not need to use a CV instead of resume. As you will see in the internship postings, the employers request a resume.

FAQ: Can I apply to Yale-coordinated International Internships if I am not a U.S. Citizen?

Yes, however, because everyone’s situation is unique, OCS advises any student who is not a U.S. citizen to conduct their own research regarding visa requirements to intern in an overseas location.

FAQ: How does health insurance work for International Internships? What does it cover?

OCS offers a group health insurance policy through UnitedHealthcare Global as part of the International Internships Program. The health insurance costs are extremely reasonable. We understand that some students may have equivalent health insurance through their family or home country; therefore, students can opt out of this policy. Prior to doing so, we strongly encourage students to thoroughly investigate their current insurance policy and the coverage it will offer while abroad.

FAQ: Do I need to apply for a visa or work authorization permit and if so, how does that work?

Maybe, depending on the country you are interning in and your country of citizenship. OCS has resources for required work authorization in the Visa and Work Authorization section. However, please keep in mind these are general guidelines because each student’s situation may differ (such as non-U.S. citizens or the type of work); students are strongly encouraged to conduct their own research to verify their process.

FAQ: I have some concerns about security in some of the Yale-coordinated International Internships locations. Is there anything you can do to reassure me about this?

Yes, for several Yale-coordinated International Internships locations, OCS works closely with an In-country Support person who is responsible for our students during their nine-week program. This support provides 24-hour, 7-day support in the case of illness or emergency. In addition, each Yale student is a member of UnitedHealthcare Global (FrontierMEDEX) Travel Assistance, which provides emergency assistance all over the world. Finally, OCS will conduct a Pre-departure Orientation to address specific tips on the region and answer student’s questions. Learn more about travel assistance here.

Contact the Office of Career Strategy at with any questions.