Nonprofit Consulting Employers

Nonprofit Consulting Employers – The following list is a sample of organizations in the nonprofit consulting or philanthropic consulting space.

Alford Group The Alford Group operates in eight major cities across the United States: Boise; Hartford; Phoenix; Chicago; Seattle; San Diego; Detroit; and Washington D.C. The services it provides include organizational development; fundraising/resource development; and executive search and knowledge management solutions.  Through its strategic partnerships with Blackbaud, FundraisingINFO, Kinterra, Inc., IDC and MaGIC, Alford Group is able to offer services that fall outside of its traditional consulting focus.

AMS Planning & Research AMS is committed to the value of arts, culture, and entertainment in communities. Our purpose is to help leaders, institutions, and the sector adapt and change to realize ventures that are effective, resilient, and vital. Our team’s experience, deep industry knowledge, and thorough research will illuminate your aspirations and enable confident decisions to create a lasting impact.

Arabella Advisors Arabella Advisors was founded in 2005 to provide strategic guidance for effective philanthropy. Since then, we’ve evolved into a mission-driven, Certified B Corporation that has helped hundreds of clients representing more than $100 billion in assets increase their philanthropic impact. Arabella is a team of passionate problem solvers, located in five cities, dedicated to helping clients make a difference on the issues that matter most to them, from climate to women and girls, education, good food, and more. Our people are PhDs and MBAs, thinkers and builders, Peace Corps volunteers and congressional staffers—people who combine issue expertise, business acumen, policy wonkishness, and a passion for mission that can move mountains.

Association of Consultants to Nonprofits (ACN) ACN is an organization representing the nonprofit consulting industry in Chicago, Illinois, United States. ACN provides a directory of nonprofit consultants.

Association of Philanthropic Counsel (APC) APC is an association of consulting firms specializing in governance, management and fundraising.

Benevolent Vision Benevolent Vision is a California-based firm providing consulting, strategic planning, grant writing and public relations services to organizations and foundations.

Bridgespan Group Bridgespan emerged in 2000 as Bain and Company’s nonprofit arm and is now a fully functioning, independent nonprofit consulting organization.  It endeavors to bring for-profit strategies and tools to the nonprofit sector to make it more efficient in producing social change.  Its main activities include: strategy consulting; knowledge sharing; and organization building through Bridgestar, which creates management teams to facilitate the flow of leaders into the nonprofit sector.  Bridgespan consultants operate under the guiding principles of impact, respect, candor and collaboration and focus on organization mission; growth; economic sustainability; use of technology; due diligence processes; accountability; grantmaking effectiveness; and outcomes.  Bridgespan is one of the largest nonprofit consulting firms in operation today with offices in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.

C3 Nonprofit Consulting Services C3 works exclusively with mission-driven organizations to navigate people, cultural and operational issues to optimize their workforce and accelerate their impact. They are backed by 100+ years of collective experience in compensation and total rewards, regulatory compliance, talent management and equitable workplace strategies across all industries. By combining boutique attentiveness and unparalleled nonprofit focus with the longstanding resources of SullivanCotter, C3 is the group that gets it.

CCS Fundraising As leading consulting experts in campaign and development strategy, CCS plans and implement fundraising initiatives to help nonprofit organizations make a bigger impact—locally, nationally, and globally. For over 70 years, CCS has empowered many of the world’s greatest organizations to advance some of the most important causes in history. Members of the CCS team are highly experienced and knowledgeable across sectors, disciplines, and regions. Their unique, customized approach provides each organization with a dedicated professional to provide real-time solutions. While the results of their work are immediate, the impact of the strategies, tools, and tactics we develop with our clients is enduring.

Center for Effective Philanthropy The Center for Effective Philanthropy provides research, strategy consulting, resources, and educational programs to help charitable foundations and other donors increase the impact of their giving.

Changing Our World, Inc. Changing Our World is a full -service national fundraising and philanthropic services company. It provides expertise and individualized solutions, helping nonprofits create strong relationships with donors and enabling grant makers and corporations to invest their resources wisely.

Community Wealth Partners Community Wealth Partners is a consulting firm that helps nonprofit organizations become more self -sustaining by generating revenue through business ventures and corporate partnerships.

CompassPoint CompassPoint offers a three-pronged array of services to nonprofit organizations—consulting; research; and training.  Through its two regional offices in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, It focuses on helping community-based nonprofits operating in these regions to become more effective agents of change.

Custom Development Solutions Custom Development Solutions is a full-service fundraising consulting firm specializing in the strategic planning and tactical execution of capital campaigns for nonprofits, large and small.

Dalberg Dalberg Advisors is a strategic advisory firm that combines the best of private sector strategy skills and rigorous analytical capabilities with deep knowledge and networks across emerging and frontier markets. We work collaboratively across the public, private and philanthropic sectors to fuel inclusive growth and help clients achieve their goals.

Draper Consulting Group Draper Consulting Group is a consulting firm based in Santa Monica, California providing services to nonprofits and grant-makers.

Endeavor Global Endeavor is the global nonprofit that pioneered the concept of High-Impact Entrepreneurship in emerging markets by practicing a tested “mentor capitalist” model.

FSG Social Impact Advisors FSG Social Impact Advisors helps public, private and nonprofit clients create impact by providing strategy development, evaluation, operational alignment, and corporate social responsibility consulting. In addition to consulting services in these areas, FSG incubates and launches social change initiatives and publicizes its research focusing on a range of issue areas from education to strategic planning.

Global Health Strategies Global Health Strategies (GHS) is an international consulting company that specializes in global health communications, advocacy, research and strategy. We focus on public health issues that impact developing nations and emerging markets. Our clients include leading foundations, industry, NGOs, government agencies, academic institutions and product development. Our work is driven by a passion for improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities around the world. We offer the skills, knowledge and goal-driven efficiency to enhance our clients’ efforts to address some of the world’s toughest health challenges, including HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, polio eradication, sexual and reproductive health and vaccines. GHS has offices in the US, the UK, India, China, Brazil, Kenya and South Africa, and works with philanthropies, industry, multinational organizations, NGOs and governments around the world.

The Goodman Center The Goodman Center is a communications consulting firm that helps public interest groups, foundations, and progressive businesses reach more people more effectively.

Ideas42 Non-profit design and consulting firm that uses insights from the behavioral sciences to address complex social problems. ideas42 is a non-profit that uses the insights of behavioral economics – which helps us understand the choices and decisions people make – to design innovative solutions to social problems at scale. We do this by carefully dissecting the behavioral issues that prevent otherwise well-designed programs and products from achieving their goals. We then design remedies that use insights from behavioral economics that strive to mitigate or overcome these issues. We work in a number of areas: consumer finance, economic mobility and opportunity, health, education, energy efficiency, and international development.

JCA For 30+ years, we have fused technology expertise and real-world experience to create breakthrough outcomes for nonprofits. We’re the go-to nonprofit consulting firm for organizations who are building a brighter future. As the first and largest independent consulting firm dedicated solely to the technical and operational needs of nonprofits, we strengthen organizations from the inside out. We tailor carefully-developed technology and data-driven strategies to your organization, helping you achieve real and lasting results. Let our experts provide new insights from our decades of experience to help you increase revenue, optimize operations, and build lasting relationships with your target audience.

Logistics Management Institute Logistics Management Institute is a private, nonprofit corporation that provides management consulting, research, and analysis to governments and other nonprofit organizations.

Managance Managance is a Maryland-based consultancy serving United States nonprofits, focused on organizational development. It helps organizations define the difference they aim to make by connecting their mission, organizational culture, vision and values with best practices and processes.

National Executive Service Corps (NESC) NESC is a professional services firm offering management consulting, executive search and financial management and accounting services to the New York tri-state region.

Philanthropy Squared Philanthropy Squared is management consulting firm that focuses on development and marketing in the nonprofit sector.

Public Consulting Group Public Consulting Group provides consulting services to the public sector through knowledge of best practices and a commitment to the clients it serves. It focuses on government, education, and health and human services-geared organizations and has branches across the United States and internationally.

Putnam Community Investment Consulting PCIC partners with foundations, nonprofit organizations, and direct service providers to assess needs and develop new programs, allocate funds, and evaluate impact. Since its founding in 1999, it has helped more than 25 organizations achieve their organizational and operational goals. Clients have ranged from the Irvine Foundation to the United Way of the Bay Area.

Redstone Redstone is a boutique consulting firm with offices in Colorado, California and New York. For over a decade, Redstone has helped leading philanthropies, non-profits, and governments solve the world’s most urgent social problems. Each day, their team tackles tough questions on topics such as climate and the environment, poverty reduction, and education. They develop practical solutions in partnership with some of the world’s largest foundations and non-profit organizations, such as The Hewlett Foundation, the Center for Global Development, ClimateWorks Foundation, The Helmsley Charitable Trust, and The Nature Conservancy. Redstone offers a broad range of advisory services across the social sector including strategy, organizational development, monitoring, evaluation and learning, philanthropy and grantmaking, and advocacy planning. Their clients work in issues areas including education, global development, emerging philanthropy, energy and climate, and the environment.

Schultz & Williams, Inc. Schultz & Williams employees are national consultants helping nonprofit clients maximize income by pursuing development, marketing, and management strategies.

Spitfire Strategies Spitfire supports organizations pursuing social change missions by helping them utilize effective communication strategies to effectively articulate their vision. It works with clients to establish communication strategies, implement those strategies in an effective way, and build the internal capacity necessary to sustain effective communication over the long term. Specifically, its services include product management, media relations, and presentation and media development. FMA, in conjunction with The Wallace Foundation, developed to help nonprofits build their fiscal strength. The site features more than 60 free tools, how-to’s and guides for anyone involved in nonprofits financial planning, monitoring, operations or oversight.

Support Center for Nonprofit Management Support Center for Nonprofit Management strengthens leadership and management capacity of nonprofit and public interest organizations by providing workshops, custom designed on-site training, and direct assistance consulting in all aspects of management.

TDC TDC is one of the nation’s oldest nonprofit management consulting and research firms. TDC works exclusively with nonprofit, governmental, educational and philanthropic organizations, providing them with the business and management tools critical to achieving mission success.

Tides Center The overarching Tides mission is: “Bringing together people, ideas, and resources, Tides Network actively promotes change toward a healthy and just society, one which is founded on principles of social justice, broadly shared economic opportunity, a robust democratic process, and a sustainable environment.” Tides Center is one branch of a three tiered organizational system designed to achieve this mission. While Tides Foundation provides philanthropic services and Tides Shared Spaces creates and provides nonprofit workspaces, Tides Center provides back-office capacity building services and support for projects focusing on issue areas ranging from social justice and human rights to environmental justice and sustainability. Its principle three program areas include 1) community development and services; 2) environment and health; and 3) policy, strategy, and global initiatives.

Venture Philanthropy Partners Venture Philanthropy Partners (VPP) works with nonprofits that concentrate money, expertise and personal contacts for the support of low-income children in the District of Columbia. It offers these youth-focused organizations advising, investing, organizational capacity building and network support services to help them most efficiently and effectively accomplish their missions.

Wellspring Consulting Founded in 2002 by seasoned consultants from The Boston Consulting Group, Wellspring offers the analytical strength of for-profit business consulting, delivered by fellow travelers who share your commitment to creating social good. Like the leading business consulting firms, Wellspring attracts staff with top-flight credentials. Similar to their clients, they run lean so as to be affordable for a wide range of nonprofits. Wellspring focuses on cornerstone problems and pursue smart, inspired solutions so their clients can get extraordinary results.

The Whelan Group, Inc. The Whelan Group provides strategic and financial planning and fund raising management services to an array of growth-oriented nonprofit organizations and institutions.