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The Health Professions Advising Program (HPAP) serves undergraduates and alumni of Yale College, students in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, and Postdoctoral Associates who are interested in pursuing advanced study in the health professions. We encourage you to meet with an advisor to guide you in making conscious and thoughtful decisions about your goals.

Yale Alumni Health Professional School Enrollment

See where recent Yale College graduates have enrolled in health professions programs in the US and applicant statistics.

PreHealth Studies Overview

The majority of health professions programs practice holistic review of applications. Several factors contribute to success in their program. The Association of American Medical Colleges outlines the Anatomy of an Applicant and Core Competencies relevant to healthcare professions. Pre-health students major in any discipline without adversely affecting their admission into a health professions school. Completion of prerequisite courses are required prior to matriculation and for admissions exams. Each program has its own set of pre-requisite requirements, and school websites have the most current information.

đź”” Advanced Placement courses and/or Acceleration Credits often do not satisfy premedical requirements for admission to medical or other health professions schools. In some cases they may be used to elect advanced courses in those disciplines. Speak with a health professions advisor about how these credits pertain to your own individual plan.

To complement challenging coursework, look for opportunities to develop a range of competencies. Consider volunteering in a direct patient contact setting, possibly shadowing practitioners in their chosen profession, viewing webinars about health professions, and research. Involvement in community service, extracurricular activities or work experiences, both related and unrelated to medicine, will help broaden an applicant’s knowledge and development. 👉Check out some healthcare & community related experiences.

Post-Baccalaureate Programs

Students who choose not to complete their science pre-requisite courses during their undergraduate years can complete the requirements in a Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program before applying to a health professions school. Learn more about Post-Baccalaureate options and how to find a post-bacc program.

Financial Literacy: Managing Your Money at Yale

Financial Aid Resources for Health Professions Programs


MCAT Testing Information

Follow @AAMC_MCAT for updates and announcements and visit the AAMC website!

OCS Resource Page for MCAT Prep

Postgraduate Position: Dept. of Neurology at Columbia University

The ADAPT lab (PI: Patrick Lao) at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in the department of Neurology is hiring a full time Research Assistant / Tech B. This position may be best suited for recent graduates, who speak Spanish, with some …

By Laurie Coppola
Laurie Coppola Senior Associate Director
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Harvard School of Dental Medicine Diversity Week 2024: Looking Within, Onward, and Upward Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Lunch and Learn Series – Register Here:

 Socio-Economic Disparities in Oral Health 

Monday, March 4, 12pm 
Kicking off our Diversity Week Lunch and Learn Series, will be Dr. George Taylor.  According to the Centers for Disease Control …

By Kristin McJunkins
Kristin McJunkins Director of Advanced Degree Applications & STEM Career Advising
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Postdoctoral Associate positions in the Digital Ethics Center (DEC), Yale University

Under the direction and supervision of Prof. Luciano Florido, the Digital Ethics Center (DEC) at Yale University seeks to appoint full-time Postdoctoral Associates to join this multidisciplinary center. The Postdoctoral Associates will be responsible for developing research projects and studies, …

By Kristin McJunkins
Kristin McJunkins Director of Advanced Degree Applications & STEM Career Advising
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Job Search Resources

Welcome to Eye Opener Sessions, the program designed to connect students who are curious about optometry with practicing eye doctors. …

The California Postbaccalaureate Consortium programs offer comprehensive academic enhancer pre-medical postbaccalaureate programs designed to assist students from disadvantaged backgrounds in …

Finding a mentor is a valuable step in your journey as a future podiatrist. Shadowing with a mentor will show …


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