The Health Professions Advising Program (HPAP) serves undergraduates and alumni of Yale College, students in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, and Postdoctoral Associates who are interested in pursuing advanced study in the health professions. We encourage you to meet with an advisor to guide you in making conscious and thoughtful decisions about your goals.

Yale Alumni Health Professional School Enrollment

See where recent Yale College graduates have enrolled in health professions programs in the US and applicant statistics.

Pre-Health Studies Overview

The majority of health professions programs practice holistic review of applications. Several factors contribute to success in their program. The Association of American Medical Colleges outlines the Anatomy of an Applicant and Core Competencies relevant to healthcare professions. Pre-health students major in any discipline without adversely affecting their admission into a health professions school. Completion of prerequisite courses are required prior to matriculation and for admissions exams. Each program has its own set of pre-requisite requirements, and school websites have the most current information.

🔔 Advanced Placement courses and/or Acceleration Credits often do not satisfy premedical requirements for admission to medical or other health professions schools. In some cases they may be used to elect advanced courses in those disciplines. Speak with a health professions advisor about how these credits pertain to your own individual plan.

To complement challenging coursework, look for opportunities to develop a range of competencies. Consider volunteering in a direct patient contact setting, shadowing practitioners in their chosen profession, and research. Involvement in community service, extracurricular activities or work experiences, both related and unrelated to medicine, will help broaden an applicant’s knowledge and development. 👉Check out some healthcare & community related experiences.

Post-Baccalaureate Programs

Students who choose not to complete their science pre-requisite courses during their undergraduate years can complete the requirements in a Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program before applying to a health professions school. Learn more about Post-Baccalaureate options and how to find a post-bacc program.

Financial Aid Resources for Health Professions Programs


Gap Year Program at PCC Community Wellness: Apply by Feb 1

PCC Community Wellness_n

PCC Community Wellness is starting recruitment for our 2021-2022 Gap Year program. PCC is a network of Federally Qualified Health Centers on the West Side of Chicago, serving medically underserved patients in low resourced communities. PCC Community Wellness’ Gap Year …

By Laurie Coppola
Laurie Coppola Senior Associate Director Laurie Coppola
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History of Osteopathic Medicine Virtual Program, January 29


Join us for this special ATSU virtual event and learn more about Andrew Taylor Still, DO, and the history of osteopathic medicine during this webinar.

This event is hosted by the A.T. Still University Department of Admissions and the Museum …

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UM-SMART Undergrad Summer Program (University of Michigan)

UMI MedSchoolLogo_Bug

UM-SMART is designed for undergraduate students who have an interest in obtaining a combined MD/PhD degree leading to a career in academic medicine as a physician-scientist performing basic research relevant to human health and disease. As a UM-SMART summer research …

By Kristin McJunkins
Kristin McJunkins Director, Health Professions Advising & STEM Connect Kristin McJunkins
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COVE (Community of Volunteer Educators


The Community of Volunteer Educators (COVE). COVE is a volunteer-run public service organization, that works to provide free, virtual tutoring and after school programming for students in NYC. COVE aims to expand access to equitable youth learning opportunities and strives …

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Yale Institute for Global Health: Virtual Case Competition


The Yale Institute for Global Health is hosting a Virtual Global Health Case Competition. This is an opportunity for students across the Yale undergraduate and graduate communities to compete on interdisciplinary teams, create solutions for a pressing global health issue, …

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