Healthcare Policy & Reform

Healthcare encompasses a wide range of opportunities and career paths.  According to Money magazine, the healthcare industry is on pace to become the largest job sector in the U.S. economy and, over the next decade, healthcare spending is projected to account for one out of every five dollars spent (source: AUPHA). You can find entry-level positions as a policy analyst with state-level government, privately-funded health organization, or as a consultant with healthcare and life sciences consulting firms. However, many health policy reform positions require an advanced degree such as a master’s in public health or a master’s in business with a focus on healthcare management.


Biotechnology is the use of living organisms to make commercial products. The techniques of biotechnology are making contributions to medicine, energy, foods, chemicals, materials, waste control, environmental management and agriculture. In its initial research and development phase, a biotechnology company requires individuals with advanced degrees, but as the company moves into a manufacturing phase, more individuals with good basic science and laboratory skills are needed, enabling strong entry-level employment. The number of firms devoted to biotechnology research and manufacture of products is growing. Industries that apply biotechnology techniques include human therapeutics and diagnostics, pharmaceutical, veterinary, agricultural, food processing, aquaculture, chemicals, waste management, energy and environmental protection, forensics, and the application of medicine and science to law. Government and universities also employ individuals educated in biotechnology.

Global Public Health

Global Health is the health of human populations in a global context that transcends the perspectives and concerns of individual nations. It focuses on achieving health equity for all people through partnership-based action and often includes a medical focus. Public Health is usually focused on the health of a population in a specific community, country, and policy context. It is primarily concerned with preventing disease and prolonging life through informed individual choices and tends to be less medically focused. Many believe that global and public health are synonymous and refer to the field as Global Public Health. For them, the field is dedicated to better health for all, with particular attention to the needs of the most vulnerable populations and a basic commitment to health as a human right. Positions in global public health can be found in the US and abroad in non-profits, advocacy organizations, NGO’s, multinational organizations, humanitarian services, global health/healthcare consulting firms, foundations, think tanks, and academic research.

Future of Care

Future of Care

Interested in health tech? Apply to attend the Future of Care 2020 Conference!

Future of Care is an accessible, NYC-based health tech community. We are a group of young entrepreneurs, clinicians, and scientists bringing technological innovation to medicine. We host …

By Kristin McJunkins
Kristin McJunkins Director, Health Professions Advising & STEM Connect Kristin McJunkins
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Match-up with a Yale Alum Founded Start-up


📣Calling all CPSC majors!📣

Intern with a Yalie founded start-up in the software engineering industry this fall. YES has 30 start-ups lined up and ready to take on interns and are bringing on more every week! Learn more & apply!

By Laurie Coppola
Laurie Coppola Senior Associate Director Laurie Coppola
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STAT Plus is STAT’s premium subscription service (available through the Yale library) which provides you with access to exclusive, in-depth pharma, biotech, life sciences, and policy coverage, keeping you on top of what’s happening – as it happens.

By Yale Office of Career Strategy
Yale Office of Career Strategy Yale Office of Career Strategy
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How Emerging Technologies Are Shaping the Future of Healthcare

How Emerging Technologies Are Shaping the Future of Healthcare thumbnail image

Philip Ezze [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Imagine a world where complex health issues can be solved or prevented with relative ease. As lifespan increases, technology innovators race to outpace the growing demands of the planet’s expanding population.  Medical …

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