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Healthcare Industry

Healthcare encompasses a wide range of opportunities and career paths.  According to Money magazine, the healthcare industry is on pace to become the largest job sector in the U.S. economy and, over the next decade, healthcare spending is projected to account for one out of every five dollars spent (source: AUPHA). You can find entry-level positions as a policy analyst with state-level government, privately-funded health organization, or as a consultant with healthcare and life sciences consulting firms. However, many health policy reform positions require an advanced degree such as a master’s in public health or a master’s in business with a focus on healthcare management.

BioInnovation, BioEngineering & BioTechnology

Bio-Innovation uses the Biological or Physiological sciences as Technology. It can include Biotech, Diagnostics, Medtech, Biomaterials, Therapeutics, Pharma, BioPharma, SynBio. Learn more about attributes needed in BioInnovation. Biotechnology involves research with organisms and biological processes. In its initial research and development phase, a biotechnology company requires individuals with advanced degrees, but as the company moves into a manufacturing phase, more individuals with good basic science and laboratory skills are needed, enabling strong entry-level employment. The number of firms devoted to biotechnology research and manufacture of products is growing. Industries that apply biotechnology techniques include human therapeutics and diagnostics, pharmaceutical, veterinary, agricultural, food processing, aquaculture, chemicals, waste management, energy and environmental protection, forensics, and the application of medicine and science to law. Government and universities also employ individuals educated in biotechnology.

BME Industry Terms

A BME Industry Guide

Global Public Health

Global Health is the health of human populations in a global context that transcends the perspectives and concerns of individual nations. It focuses on achieving health equity for all people through partnership-based action and often includes a medical focus. Public Health is usually focused on the health of a population in a specific community, country, and policy context. It is primarily concerned with preventing disease and prolonging life through informed individual choices and tends to be less medically focused. Many believe that global and public health are synonymous and refer to the field as Global Public Health. For them, the field is dedicated to better health for all, with particular attention to the needs of the most vulnerable populations and a basic commitment to health as a human right. Positions in global public health can be found in the US and abroad in non-profits, advocacy organizations, NGO’s, multinational organizations, humanitarian services, global health/healthcare consulting firms, foundations, think tanks, and academic research.

4th Annual Yale Postdoc Symposium

4th Annual Yale Postdoc Symposium

We invite you to the 4th Annual Postdoc Symposium to be held ONLINE on Tuesday, June 15th, and on Thursday, June 17th, 2021. The symposium welcomes Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists (ARS) from all departments and fields of research to …

By Chelsea Xu
Chelsea Xu Profile Picture
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Career Opportunities at Tesseract Health


We are looking for super smart, driven people to join our small team and transform diagnostics. If you have a background in optics, computer vision, CMOS chip design, signal processing, machine learning, electrical engineering, or other related fields we would …

By David Halek
David Halek Director of Employer Relations David Halek
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Immigration Information for International Students Graduating in May, 2021

international students 3

International students graduating this May are invited to view recent immigration information here as you seek employment. School specific recordings are listed with recordings and slides.

By Yuanyuan Zhang
Yuanyuan Zhang Manager of Research, Data & Analytics Yuanyuan Zhang
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Careers in Biotech & Pharma Series

Science & Medicine

Are you considering a career in the bioscience industry? There are so many different types of companies, work environments, and scientific tracks, and having all of these options can be quite overwhelming. OCS has organized a four-part panel/lecture series with …

By Harini Sadeeshkumar
Harini Sadeeshkumar McDougal Career Fellow Harini Sadeeshkumar
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Biotech Pros Share Career Insights

Scientist holding test tube

On January 28, 2021, students, faculty, and staff gathered virtually to hear industry insiders’ insights. Three professionals, including moderator Anna L. Barry, Ph.D. 1998, Chief Operating Officer, Korro Bio; Tracy Nicholson, Vice President Recruiting, Third Rock Ventures; and Andrea DiMella, …

By David Halek
David Halek Director of Employer Relations David Halek
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Career Resources

This is an interdisciplinary field that combines genetic engineering, computational genetics, and laboratory automation to design new molecules OR put …

Microfluidics is an area of industry that involves the manipulation of fluids through micro-scale
channels and pumps that can be …

Products, usually having a tangible structure in the form of a device, that can be used to solve a
health …

An area of industry which involves finding the cause and location of disease using laboratory
tests, chemistry and imaging technologies. …

Biopharma is a subset of the pharmaceutical industry that involves production, manufacturing,
or extraction of therapies through biological organisms. Such …

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SynBioBeta is the premier innovation network for biological engineers, investors, innovators and entrepreneurs who share a passion for using biology …


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