A Yale Engineer: Technical Skills + Humanities and Liberal Arts Focus

Yale students get an excellent engineering preparation, including strong technical training along with a deep understanding of the liberal arts. Collaboration is key, and it is seen within the School of Engineering & Applied Science as they partner closely with Yale's world-class liberal arts programs as well as the School of Medicine, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, and School of Management, with research efforts that examine both the scientific and the societal aspects of challenges to truly advance the human condition.

Yale engineering graduates go on to establish outstanding records of achievement not only in technical fields but also in academia, business, government, and as leaders in their community. They work for companies across a broad spectrum, from Fortune 100 companies to Fortune 500 companies to NGO's, start-ups, government, and the tech industry. They work in core engineering positions across all of Yale's engineering disciplines (mechanical/materials science, electrical, chemical/environmental, biomedical) but they also take up roles in a broad range of functional areas, including data science, product management, consulting, and finance.

Match-up with a Yale Alum Founded Start-up


📣Calling all CPSC majors!📣

Intern with a Yalie founded start-up in the software engineering industry this fall. YES has 30 start-ups lined up and ready to take on interns and are bringing on more every week! Learn more & apply!

By Laurie Coppola
Laurie Coppola Senior Associate Director Laurie Coppola
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AR/VR engineers replace blockchain programmers as hottest commodity


“Augmented reality and virtual reality jobs are hot, with demand surging 1,400% in 2019, according to a new State of Software Engineers report by job site Hired. This means that AR/VR knowledge is the hot new thing, supplanting blockchain engineers, who …

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Coding vs Programming: The Crucial Differences


If you’ve spent time around the development world, you’ve likely heard the terms coding and programming used interchangeably. In most people’s minds, coders and programmers are the same thing and bring to mind a person using a language only computers …

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How to Create an Effective Entry-Level Software Engineering Resume

How to Create an Effective Entry-Level Software Engineering Resume thumbnail image

The modern world is built on software. From banking to entertainment to transportation and everything in-between, software is at the foundation of nearly everything we do. 

As the architects and builders of this foundation, the career prospects for software engineers …

By Stephen Greet - Springboard
Bridging the world's skills gap through affordable, high-quality, online education.
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STAT Plus is STAT’s premium subscription service (available through the Yale library) which provides you with access to exclusive, in-depth pharma, biotech, life sciences, and policy coverage, keeping you on top of what’s happening – as it happens.

By Yale Office of Career Strategy
Yale Office of Career Strategy Yale Office of Career Strategy
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