The Office of Career Strategy is excited to work with you during every step of your undergraduate career decision-making process. Our team of advisors offers a wide variety of ways for you to engage with our office that align with the stage you are in on your academic and professional path.

If you are just beginning to consider career possibilities, advisers can work with you to identify your values, interests, and skills, how those align with a broad range of professional industries and functional areas, and how — if at all — those interests relate to your major and the classes you are taking (they might relate, but they don’t have to). We can help you draft your first resume and cover letter, apply for your first internship, attend your first networking event, and prepare for your first interview. If you’re further along in your career trajectory, we can help you hone your application materials, strategize on how to obtain the range of skills you’re seeking both during and outside of the academic year, get deeper into the realm of networking, negotiate offers you receive, and consider how graduate school might fit into your plans.

Fall 2020: Looking for a part-time job during the term or while on LOA? Check out the new Yale Babysitting and Tutoring website connecting Yale student babysitters and tutors to families within the Yale community who require assistance with childcare and tutoring (in person and virtual opportunities are available).

Get Started

Please use the links below to explore our many online resources and make an appointment to come in and work with us along the way! We can’t wait to help you strategize your pathway forward in a way that aligns with the things you care about and leads you towards a fulfilling career.

For resources available to your career field of interest, please visit our Community pages.