RocketBlocks Interview Prep

Yale OCS is pleased to offer students RocketBlocks an interactive web application that helps students prepare for case interviews in consulting, product management, product marketing and strategy + biz ops. Their approach is simple: decompose interviews into atomic skills and give you the tools to master them. It’s built by experts from companies like McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Google, Facebook and Amazon.

RocketBlocks will help you prepare in three ways:

  1. Concepts: guidance on how to approach case problems and build skills
  2. Drills: high-quality exercises and sample answers to hone your case skills
  3. Partners: access to live partners to practice your skills

To learn more about the specific concepts, drills and coaches, see the product pages here: consulting | product management | product marketing | strategy + biz ops

HOW TO REGISTER: Yale College students and the GSAS student population can create an account here with a email address. The access code for RocketBlocks can be found in Yale Career Link, on the left choose Resources, choose Career Library, and in the keyword field type “Rocketblocks”

Additional resources available through RocketBlocks: There’s comprehensive guides and additional materials to help candidates ramp up on the recruiting process quickly.  A few examples are listed below:


Consulting getting started guide

PEI deep dive

How to ask great Qs in your interviews

Product Management (PM) and Product Marketing Manager (PMM)

Product management getting started guide

Product marketing getting started guide

Examples of Tech videos from our YouTube channel (mostly PM-focused)

Mock interview: LinkedIn product design

Mock interview: Google product strategy & design

Mock interview: Facebook product execution

By Yale Office of Career Strategy
Yale Office of Career Strategy