A Yale degree prepares you for many career paths across functional areas, industries and sectors. Your major or discipline at Yale will not limit you to a specific career path, and in fact many students consider multiple interest areas during their time at Yale. Explore the OCS Communities to follow relevant news and blogs, career spotlights, and employment opportunities structured to help you decide which career path is right for you. You can also sign up to receive newsletters and regular updates to stay informed about as many communities as you choose.

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Affinity/Identity Communities:

Each of our seven Affinity/Identity Communities was created with the advice and guidance of our experts within the Yale community and enables students to pursue their career search within a community of peers. Students may identify with more than one affinity/identity community and are therefore encouraged to explore multiple communities.

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Career Communities:

Our seven Career Communities allow students to explore a broad range of career paths and interest areas. Students are not limited to just one career community and OCS recommends exploring broadly across several fields.

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Applying to Graduate/Professional School Communities:

Our four Applying to Graduate/Professional School Communities connect students with the resources and advice they need to navigate the application process for their advanced degree. Students are not limited to just one community and OCS recommends exploring broadly.

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