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Professional Online Identity

Social media is a powerful tool, but if not managed wisely your online identity could be harmful. Follow these tips to maintain a professional online presence.

  • If you have a common name, consider using a middle name/initial on your resume and your online profile.
  • Assume everything you post will be seen by potential employers; when in doubt make it private. Regularly check your privacy settings and make any needed adjustments.
  • Be aware that site visitors can take screenshots or use other means to capture and disseminate information beyond your intended timeline or audience for the post.
  • Search your name and ensure you are comfortable with the returns – if not, adjust your privacy settings.
  • Focus on building your professional identity (such as on LinkedIn) so information that you believe may have a negative impact on your professional reputation appears further down in searches of your name.
  • It is important to note that Yale University’s policies on freedom of expression apply only to Yale, and employers and other entities and institutions may have their own policies on speech and expression that may differ from those at Yale.

Visit our tips on building a strong LinkedIn profile and watch this short video on Connecting through LinkedIn to help get you started.

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Create Your Own Website or Portfolio with Muse!

The Yale Office of Career Strategy has partnered with Muse to offer …


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