On-Campus Recruiting

On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) enables students to interview with organizations that visit Yale’s campus. Students in Yale College, the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences and postdocs are eligible to participate and will apply through Yale Career Link.

NOTE: OCR is a recruiting format that works for a small group of employers that can hire months in advance. Most Yale students find opportunities through other methods supported by OCS. For details on how Yale students find employment, visit Statistics & Reports.

2021-2022 Recruiting Calendar

  • September 1 –    Employer information sessions begin
  • September 10 –  Industry targeted recruiting events begin
  • September 20 – Fall first-round interviews for full-time and internships begin
  • January  25 –     Spring first-round interviews for full-time and internships begin

On-campus Interviewing Cancellation Policies

  • Before signing up for an interview, check your schedule carefully to avoid conflicts.
  • Cancel interviews through Yale Career Link before 9:30 AM (ET) two business days in advance. This allows an alternate to fill the slot.
  • If there is an emergency after the cancellation period, contact OCS directly at 203-432-0804 or careerstrategy@yale.edu.
  • Students should not miss class for interviews. Employers are asked to accommodate candidates’ class conflicts.
  • Students should not cancel first-round interviews after the cancellation period to attend a second-round interview.
  • Students who miss an interview or cancel outside the cancellation period may receive a warning letter. A second offense may result in the termination of OCR privileges.

Recruiting Guidelines for Students and Employers

These guidelines apply to all employers recruiting Yale students, through on- and off-campus recruiting methods. OCS recommends that employers provide Yale students four (4) weeks to decide on an offer or until the date below, whichever is later.

       Employers extending full time offers as a result of a previous summer internship, and employers extending offers through the fall (including offers for summer 2021 start dates), are encouraged to provide students until November 5, 2021 to decide. We ask that employers consider reasonable requests for additional time on a case by case basis.

       Public Service/Public Interest Exception: Candidates may request that an employer extend the deadline to accept an employer’s offer until as late as April 1, 2022 if the candidate is actively pursuing positions with public interest, government organizations, or a national fellowship award. Candidates may hold open only one offer in such circumstances. Employers are encouraged to grant such requests.

Once you have made your decision, notify the employer by phone and follow-up with an acceptance letter. Upon acceptance, you have a professional obligation to join that employer. Reneging on an offer (i.e., accepting an offer and then rejecting it) is extremely unprofessional and will damage your reputation and the reputation of Yale University.

Career Resources


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