Community Security Initiative

The Community Security Initiative (CSI) is responsible for the safety and security of New York’s Jewish community. The Intelligence & Analysis Desk monitors, detects, and investigates threats using open-source resources to disrupt incidents before they occur, often working with local law enforcement partners.

Role: Junior Threat Intelligence Analyst

This role is for a resourceful analyst familiar with the extremist landscape who can conduct OSINT research, produce analytic reports, and develop tactical alerts in a fast-paced environment.

The Junior Analyst will undertake the following key responsibilities:

  • Curate, monitor, and update the Intel Desk’s alerting mechanisms to keep senior analysts abreast of threats discussed across mainstream, deep, and dark web.  
  • Conduct OSINT research to investigate and monitor local groups, actors, and events
  • Maintain database of incidents, groups, and POIs
  • Support senior analysts in research, investigations, and writing, as necessary

The Junior Analyst should possess the following skills/knowledge:

  • Strong familiarity with OSINT practices
  • Research experience
  • Data Entry/Organizational Skills
  • Understanding of far-right extremist, jihadist, and other antisemitic groups
  • Ability to synthesize, summarize, and present data/trends
  • Ability to operate semi-autonomously to conduct collection, create solutions, and support intelligence production following standard operating procedures and operational security protocols
  • Ability to operate in a fast-paced, intense environment

The Junior Analyst should have the following experience:

  • Undergraduate degree in counterterrorism, national security, extremism, or a comparable subject matter
  • 1-2 years experience in relevant investigative or research capacity, internships included

All interested parties should send a resume and cover letter to

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By Lori Ferrara
Lori Ferrara Senior Administrative Assistant