Strategies for a Dual Job Search: Applying for Faculty Positions and Jobs beyond the Academy (Social Sciences)

Watch our full recording here and view slides on Yale Connect.

This workshop is aimed at PhD students and postdocs in the Social Sciences.

Are you considering a “tandem” job search, or the simultaneous pursuit of faculty positions as well as positions beyond the academic walls? You are not alone – PhDs increasingly are considering both tracks due to factors such as a competitive academic market; locational constraints; uncertainty about career preferences; or the desire to cast a wide net due to a joint search with a partner.

Watch this 60-minute workshop for insights on how to plan and manage a tandem search to maximize your success in these job markets. We discuss deadlines, application strategies, job search resources and more, with plenty of time for questions.

Panelists include:

  • Kate Baldwin, Placement Officer and Associate Professor of Political Science and Global Affairs
  • Ian Turner, Placement Officer and Assistant Professor of Political Science
  • Hyun Ja Shin, Director of Graduate and Postdoctoral Career Services at the Office of Career Strategy
By Hyun Ja Shin (she/her)
Hyun Ja Shin (she/her) Director, Graduate and Postdoctoral Career Services