Khan Academy LSAT Resources Moving to LawHub

With the continued growth and development of LSAC’s LawHub, Khan Academy and LSAC believe students will be best served by having one centralized place to go to prepare for the LSAT, and that place should be LawHub. To provide a seamless experience for students, LSAC and Khan Academy have agreed to bring the LSAT lessons, videos, articles, practice exercises, question explanations, and other test preparation materials from Khan Academy to LSAC’s free and low-cost test prep offerings on LawHub.

This transition will be completed by June 30, 2024. Khan Academy will continue to offer Official LSAT Prep through June 2024.

  • Starting in February 2024, LASC plans to start providing more than 100 lessons, videos, and nearly 100 explanatory articles currently on Khan Academy on the free LawHub test prep site.
  • Also starting February 2024, LSAC will start providing content from Khan Academy’s practice exercises on the free LawHub test prep site.

The format of the LSAT will be changing, starting with the August 2024 test. To help students planning to take the LSAT during the 2024-2025 testing cycle, LSAC will be providing test prep materials on LawHub that mirror the revised August 2024 test format. These materials will be available exclusively on LawHub starting February 2024, at the same time LSAC will begin providing on LawHub many of the tools and resources that have been jointly developed by Khan Academy and LSAC over the past five years, as outlined above.

Students preparing for the updated version of the LSAT, which will be administered starting August 2024, may want to consider using LawHub to prepare, as the Khan Academy LSAT test prep materials will retire test prep exercises and practice tests on its platform at the end of June 2024. After June 2024, Khan Academy will only host videos and articles related to LSAT prep.

By Reed Srere
Reed Srere Senior Associate Director