Making the Most of Your Summer Experience

Yale’s Office of Career Strategy strongly encourages all students embarking on a summer experience to watch the following two short animated videos and read the three pages below:

Summer Experience Checklist: This page is a must read as it provides a checklist of what to do from start to finish during your summer experience. There are reminders about steps to take prior to your experience like setting goals. OCS has also included a number of important items to accomplish during your experience including remaining professional and building your network. The checklist provides clear instructions to take when approaching issues that may arise and what to do at the completion of your experience.  

Telling Your Story: This page includes helpful information on how to share your narrative which includes your background, your interest in the field and what you’re hoping to learn. It also includes a link to our 3 minute Telling Your Story video and a worksheet for guidance. 

Health & Safety Resources: This page includes all of the Yale resources available to you while pursuing activities outside of Yale. Be sure to install the International SOS Travel app before you leave campus.

Developing Learning Plans: This 2 minute video (below) explains how to create a learning plan and how to set goals.   

Making the Most of Your Experience: The video (below) is under 3 minutes and provides 6 key tips on enhancing your experience. 

By Yale Office of Career Strategy
Yale Office of Career Strategy