What’s Happening in Ed Studies

Upcoming Events:

  1. New! March 1: Intro to Achievement First
  2. April 19: Yale School of Management Education Leadership Conference
  3. Rolling: Black Youth Mental Health Conference Series (Yale Child Study Center) 
  4. Rolling: Yale EDST Coffee Chats

Graduate School & Further Education:

  1. Rolling: Sacred Heart University Teacher Residency Program
  2. Due Spring 2024: University of Pennsylvania’s Independent School Teaching Residency
  3. Due Feb 26: Boston Teacher Residency

Intro to Achievement First

Join Achievement First professionals on Friday, March 1st, from 12PM – 12:30 PM as they dive deep into the ins and outs of a successful education job search and discuss their open Teacher-in-Residence and Lead Teacher opportunities in New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island!

To register, please sign up here: https://forms.gle/8hLuFFqFt7zu2YBH6

Yale School of Management Education Leadership Conference

The Education Leadership Conference will return to the Yale School of Management on April 19th, 2024! This year’s theme will be “Building for Resilience: Discussing aspirations and innovation in public education”. Our panels will convene policymakers, thought leaders, and practitioners to reflect on the evolution of global education since the COVID-19 pandemic and to highlight and uplift the challenges and opportunities facing today’s educators.

For more details and to register for updates, visit https://www.yaleeducationconference.com/ 

Black Youth Mental Health Conference Series (Yale Child Study Center)

Dr. Amanda Calhoun, a Child Psychiatry fellow at Yale, will be directing the first Black youth mental health clinical case conference series at Yale Child Study Center happening between January-June 2024. Each month, a student or resident will present a complex clinical case and expert discussants will weigh in. We will be going far beyond the clinical to discuss history, racist dynamics, and more.  All disciplines welcome. In person and virtual component offered. Dinner will be served. Yalies can register here:

EDST Coffee Chats

Education Studies Coffee Chats are back! To participate, use this spreadsheet to connect with another ed-interested student. Each pair will receive a $10 gift card to Koffee?, which you can pick up at Tea and Cookies (Fridays from 2-3 PM, across from HQ C-45).

Sacred Heart University Teacher Residency Program (Rolling Admissions) 

The SHU Teacher Residency combines coursework with intense clinical preparation. Participants can earn their MAT and licensure in as little as 15 months, all while receiving mentorship, a cohort experience, support and living stipend. Click here to learn more about their residency program, which places participants in Bridgeport and New Haven. 

University of Pennsylvania’s Independent School Teaching Residency (Due Spring 2024) 

 In this two-year program, Fellows teach a reduced course load at an independent school while completing a Master’s in education through UPenn. The graduate portion involves 4 in-person weekend meetups each year, as well as projects, papers, and virtual meetings focused on content teaching. The Fellow’s school provides a salary, benefits, housing, and pays for ~80% of the graduate program. https://www.gse.upenn.edu/academics/teacher-education-programs-certification

Boston Teacher Residency (Due Feb 26)

Join a clinical teacher preparation program whose residents support student achievement from day one.  Modeled after medical residencies, teacher residencies immerse candidates in the immensely complex field of teaching, learning with and from experienced mentors. The BTR faculty teach residents’ courses, coach them in their school settings, and hold them accountable for their students’ learning! Apply here: https://www.bpe.org/boston-teacher-residency/apply/#toggle-id-2

By Stephanie Glover
Stephanie Glover Senior Administrative Assistant