Host resources for Yale Graduate Impact Fellowship

Information for Host Organizations 

Yale Graduate Impact Fellowship (YGIF) for the Humanities offers currently enrolled Yale Humanities Ph.D. students the opportunity to take on a part-time internship at an external organization to work on a project related to their scholarly interests and research agenda. This program is designed to enable graduate students to develop new connections that will aid their academic work, expand their professional skill set and receive mentorship from experienced professionals without prolonging their time to degree. Host organizations in turn can leverage a highly skilled group of students to work on projects.

By hosting a Ph.D. student in your organization, you will be able to:

  • Leverage the many skills of Yale Ph.D. students on your projects
  • Expand the impact of graduate students’ research outside the academy
  • Help Yale graduate students gain new professional skills
  • Expose Yale graduate students to possible career paths and professional roles

For more information about the YGIF program, click hereThis program is sponsored by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and administered by the Yale Office of Career Strategy.

About the Fellowship 

The Fellowship provides funding for a graduate student to work for an external organization for up to 16 weeks and no more than 10 hours per week (strict limit set by Graduate School policy). The dates for a given position are flexible, though the initial round of position should start no later than the registration deadline for Spring 2022.

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences provides a stipend of $2,900 for each student. Fellows will not track hourly work. Host organizations that are able to pay a portion of the Fellow’s stipend themselves are encouraged to do so.

Details of the proposed position should be arranged by consultation between the prospective Fellow and the host organization prior to submitting any portion of the application. Students are responsible for detailing the relevance of the internship to their academic work.

OCS staff will contact the host organization during the application review process to confirm details of the application, and, if the proposal is accepted, will also check in with the organization midway through the project’s term.

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