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STEM PhD Pathways Program

Career opportunities for Yale’s talented doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows abound. With your Ph.D. training, you have well-rounded skill sets that have prepared you in various fields. While facing your career crossroads, you may want to first explore all career options you have. In an effort to build awareness of the broad array of career opportunities available for STEM graduate students and postdocs, the Office of Career Strategy launched a monthly event program called STEM PhD Pathways, during which you will have opportunities to hear industry experts’ personal experiences and have intimate conversations with Yale GSAS Alums.

Entrepreneurship, Startups, and Venture Capital

Interested in entrepreneurship, venture capital (VC), or startups? Click here to explore resources and learn more about these career paths after a Ph.D. in STEM!

Colleen Cuffaro (PhD ’14, Cellular and Molecular Physiology), Partner on Canaan’s Healthcare Investment team, was invited to discuss startup lifecycles, fundraising and more. 




Interested in a career in consulting? Click here to explore  resources to learn more about these career paths after a Ph.D. in STEM!

We visited two global management consulting firms, McKinsey and Bain, in New York City to meet recruiters and network with Yale PhD Alumni. 

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry

Curious about the types of positions available in the bioscience industry? Click here to explore the career diversity in this field and to learn directly from alums’ career paths.

Timothy Zheng (PhD ’99, Immunobiology), Chief Scientific Officer at Siduma Therapeutics, was invited to share his experience in drug research and development across multiple therapeutic areas over the past 20 years. Click here to watch the recorded session.

We met three scientists in various managerial roles and learn from their experiences. Click here to watch the recorded session.

Science and Health Policy

Passionate about a career in science and health policy? Click here to explore  resources to learn more about these career paths after a Ph.D. in STEM!

We invited Shanta Whitaker (PhD ’08, Microbiology), Vice President at Venn Strategies to speak with us about how she launched her career in science policy. Click here to watch the recorded session.

Science Education and Outreach

There are multiple pathways for PhD scientists to pursue within science education and outreach careers. These include K-12 educational institutions, museums, nonprofits, government, and at colleges/universities (both RO1 and liberal art institutions). Click here to learn more about career paths in science education beyond faculty after a PhD in STEM!

We invited three scientists who chose different career paths in secondary education after receiving their PhD and postdoctoral experience. Click here to watch the recorded session

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Job Search Resources

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Search continually updated U.S. market trends to learn about job types (job functions), growth trends, and desired skills. The results will include general information about each job (functional area), employment trends from the past two years and projections for the next 10 years, employers that have that role, desired education level, skills for the position, and more!


  1. Find Career Data by Selecting Keywords: Enter keywords of various job titles and choose a state or search nationwide to learn more about that job.
  2. Filter by Industry and Occupation: Search by industry and choose among popular occupations/job titles within that industry.

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