Connect with Yale Administrators

Interested in Academic Administration? Learn from Yale Administrators

Interested in Academic Administration?  Learn from experienced administrators at Yale, many of whom have PhDs!  To prepare, review our tips about informational interviews here, and be sure to enter the conversation with your interviewee prepared with a set of questions that can help you understand their role, the skills and experience required, and how they made the transition to this career.  Also, remember that you are not limited to the staff listed below.  Do your own research and outreach so that you can hold productive interviews in the areas of most interest to you.

Name Email Highest degree & discipline Current role Office
Brianne Bilsky PhD – English Dean Berkeley Residential College
Denzil Streete PhD – Comparative and International Education; Economics of Education Assistant Director GSAS Office of Diversity
Dorottya Noble PhD – Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry Associate Director Raymond and Beverly Sackler Institute
Ferentz Lafargue PhD – African American and American Studies Dean Saybrook Residential College
George Levesque PhD – History Associate Dean Yale College Academic Programs
Gordon Silverstein PhD – Political Science Assistant Dean Law School Graduate Programs
Hyun Ja Shin PhD – Economics Director Graduate and Postdoctoral Career Services
Jasmina Besirevic Regan PhD – Sociology Dean Trumbull Residential College
Jason Zentz PhD – Linguistics Assistant Dean Academic and Faculty Affairs
Jeanine Dames JD Director Office of Career Strategy
John Puziss PhD – Microbiology and Immunology Director of Business Development Office of Cooperative Research
Kathryn Krier MFA – Technical Design and Production Assistant Dean Yale College Arts
Lily Svensen PhD – Psychology Director Office of Institutional Research
Lisa Brandes PhD – Political Science Director Graduate Student Life
Maria Gutierrez PhD – Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations Program Manager Title IX Office
Meredith Mira Doctor of Education (Ed.D) – Sociology of Education Senior Associate Director Office of Career Strategy
Michelle Morgan PhD – American Studies Digital Accessibility Specialist Center for Teaching & Learning and Information Technology Services
Mira Debs PhD – Sociology Executive Director Education Studies Program
Risa Sodi PhD – Italian Language and Literature Director Advising and Special Programs
Robert Harper-Mangels PhD – Neuroscience and Behavior Assistant Dean Yale GSAS
Sara Smiley Smith PhD – School of Forestry and Environmental Studies Assistant Dean Research and Sustainability for Yale FES
Siobhan Quinlan PhD – Italian Literature Program Manager Principal Gifts at Office of Development
Rebekah Westphal MA – Musicology Director Office of Fellowship Programs
Lindsay Lawton PhD – German Studies Associate Director Office of Fellowship Programs