PhD Podcast Learning Module 7: Publicity


To introduce techniques to publicize your content and avenues available at Yale.

Individual Activities:

  1. Marketing a product require careful thought. Becoming familiar with some marketing concepts will help to form your own thought process. Read more about how marketing works here.
  2. Promoting your podcast is an important step to acquire new audience and keep their interests. There are some basic ideas that can be learned to market your podcast. Read more about these ideas here and how they apply specifically to podcasting here. Some of them are: 
    1. Social Media Promotion.
    2. YouTube Channel.
    3. Transcription of the Audio. 
    4. Get Good Recommendations.
  3. There are many avenues at Yale that you can use to promote your podcasts. Get familiar with these tools to effectively reach graduate students at Yale. We list some of them below: 
    1. Yale Message.
    2. Office of Career Strategy.
    3. UConnect.