Sample Emails Requesting an Informational Interview

Sample #1

Dear Mr. Silliman:

I write to introduce myself. I am currently a sophomore at Yale pursuing an English degree. I saw your profile on Yale’s Cross Campus site and would like to learn more about the work that you are doing at ABC Publishing Housing. I have interned in the editorial department at a small independent publishing house. Although I enjoyed this experience, I would like to learn more about working in a marketing capacity within the publishing industry as I feel this may be a better fit for my personality. My involvement with marketing a new literary magazine that will be launched this semester has exposed me to the important role of marketing within the industry and has been an enjoyable experience for me.

Would you be available for a 30-minute informational interview? I would appreciate hearing about your experiences in the marketing department and any advice you might have. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Current Student

Sample #2

Dear Ms. Morse,

I’m a Biology major who will be graduating from Yale College in May. My goal after graduation is to work at a biotech firm in the Boston area. Right now I’m evaluating what type of work environment would be the best fit for me. As someone with experience working at large biotech corporations and at a small biotech start-up, I would appreciate the chance to hear your thoughts on the differences between those work environments.

I’m from the Boston area and plan to be home from March 7th-19th for Spring Break. Would you be willing to meet me for coffee to share your experiences? I look forward to hearing from you.

Current Student

Sample #3

Dear Ms. Stiles,

I saw your profile on the Yale Alumni LinkedIn Page and noticed that you work for Company XYZ. I have recently applied for a position at your company and was wondering if you might be available for 20-25 minutes to discuss your experience in the X industry and any advice you are willing to share? I am especially curious to hear how your transition from Yale to Company XYZ went and any suggestions on what I should take advantage of during my time at Yale.

Thank you in advance for our consideration,
Current Yale Student