Career Paths in Technology and Engineering

As part of the STEM PhD Pathways program, OCS Career Fellows spotlighted career paths in technology and engineering with a special emphasis on data science and software engineering. Two Yale PhD scientists who chose different career paths in industry (big tech vs. early-stage startup) shared their transition from academia to the private sector, and the important skills needed to prepare for these careers.

Panelists Bios: 

Emma Ideal (PhD ’15, Physics)

Manager, Data Science and Engineering at Netflix

Emma Ideal is an analytics leader at Netflix, focused on using data to enable Netflix Studio to produce and launch amazing content that delights its members. Before joining Netflix almost 4 years ago, she was a data scientist at Facebook for 3 years. Emma has a Ph.D. in Physics from Yale (2015) where she focused on the Higgs search.

Daniel Winograd-Cort (PhD ’15, Computer Science)

Co-Founder and CTO at Nectry Inc.

Daniel Winograd-Cort is the co-founder and CTO of Nectry Inc, a nascent startup for business workflow optimization.  Daniel has 7+ years industry experience as a software developer as well as a PhD in computer science and 2 years as a postdoc.