Job Search Tips for the Busy Student Athlete

The student athlete has two jobs (if not more!) during the school year – that of being a Yale student and being an athlete. Below are some highlighted resources from OCS that can support you in your internship or job search.

  1. Big Interview’s AI Resume Review – this tool allows you to upload your resume and have an AI tool review your resume and give you feedback. The added bonus is once you find a position you are going to apply to, you can upload that specific job description and your resume. The tool will point out how your resume did with that job and let you know if you are missing any important keywords or phrases that are pertinent to the position. Two other great resources for resumes are the OCS Resume Templates and our page on Writing Impactful Resume Bullets.
  2. CareerShift – Most students are familiar with Yale Career Link which is the OCS career management system where you can do lots of things from making appointments with advisors, checking out the employers for a career fair, answer our surveys, and look at jobs. However, many students are not aware of another job board that OCS offers them called CareerShift. There are two ways to access this resource: 1. Log in with your NetId from the CareerShift page or 2. Log into Yale Career Link, proceed to Resources – Shortcuts – CareerShfit to access. It is an extremely powerful job board because it is a job aggregator, which means it pulls job postings from millions of employer websites. Try out different keywords to see what works for your search. Be sure to toggle to the advanced search so you can filter by location and whether it is a full time vs. internship search. Once you find a search that works for you, set up an alert by hitting the Save Search icon and you can have new jobs sent to your email daily or weekly. If you want to delve further into CareerShift, go to the Contacts section where you can find emails for alumni and recruiters.
  3. The Peer Networking Lists are one of the top resources in OCS. This resource contains giant spreadsheets of where Yale students have gone for their summer and after graduation. There are so many ways that these can help with your job search! Look at the summer lists to find examples such as : What is possible to do the summer after my first year? What do students with (insert major) do in the summer? You can plug in a specific industry and see lots of examples of companies to work for and even reach out to the student who is listed with that experience since all of the students and alumni in this resource have said they are willing to be contacted. The Class Lists include recent alumni emails so they are a great way to reach out to young alums and have informational interviews and get advice.
  4. The OCS Informational Interviewing Page is another top resource. If you are looking to get advice from alumni working in the fields you want to pursue, this page will provide all the resources you need to get started. It has steps on setting up an informational interview, sample emails asking for an informational interview, and even sample questions to get you started.
  5. If you are looking to gain some experience in a field you are not familiar with or seeking to add some skills to your resume, I would recommend you check out the Forage Program. This program is open to students from any schools and allows you to have a very short, virtual work experience where you can be exposed and learn about a specific job functions. There are many well known employers (examples: GE, Accenture, Lululemon, PWC, JPMorgan, Citi and BCG) who have put together these virtual work experiences which also makes it a great resume builder. The experiences are typically 3-7 hours long in total, you do not need to apply to do this program and they allow you to do simulation experiences as if you were an intern at the company.
By Robyn Acampora
Robyn Acampora Director of Strategic Initiatives and Public Service Careers