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Interview Attire

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You only get one chance to make a first impression and how you dress sets the initial tone for the interview. Below are some tips for choosing your interview attire.

  • Do your research in advance to learn about the culture of the organization, and the dress code. For an interview, dress one step up from the dress code.
  • Even for casual fields you are likely expected to dress up for the interview. Most faculty at Yale do not wear suits to the classroom or lab, but most wore suits when they were being interviewed.
  • Choose clothes that fit properly, are comfortable and durable. Always make sure your outfit is clean and ironed.
  • In general, most students choose to wear a suit for an interview. Choose conservative colors, such as charcoal grey or navy. Suits made of wool blends tend to last longer and wrinkle less.
  • Skirt and pant suits are both appropriate. If you choose a skirt suit, make sure the skirt is long enough to cover your thighs when seated. Avoid skirts with high slits.
  • Button dress shirts and ties or blouses should be worn with your suit. Choose neutral colors. Avoid shirts that are too form-fitting or sheer.
  • Footwear should complement the outfit. Dress shoes and dress socks should be worn with a suit. Shoes should be clean and shined. If you choose to wear heels, select a pair that you can easily walk in.
  • Keep jewelry and accessories to a minimum. It is recommended that perfumes or cologne be avoided all together, as many people are sensitive to perfumes and colognes.