How Can I Learn More about Careers in Geographic Information Science (GIS)?

There have recently been more students explaining their interest in GIS. Just a few examples of careers that involve GIS are a Geographer; Cartographer/Photogrammetrist, Urban /Regional Planner, and Surveyor. An important consideration will also be to get an understanding of which roles  require a bachelor’s degree versus more advanced degrees.

Below are some resources which can prove very helpful as one is looking into a career in this field:

GIS Internship Jobs Description |

GIS Lounge – Mapping and Geospatial Technologies

GIS Jobs Clearinghouse

Consider joining various GIS Associations and utilizing their websites to get additional ideas on Employers and Careers. Seniors – keep in mind that if you are a junior or senior, you can use the OCS Professional Development Reimbursement Program to join associations that match your interest.

As a Yale student, you have access to Career Shift, a job aggregator which pulls from millions of employer websites. Go to Jobs – Advanced Search – select either full time or internship depending on your needs and do keyword search “GIS”.

LinkedIn – Geographic Information Science is a “skill” that you can look up in LinkedIn. That also means that you can find Yale Alumni who have that skill by using the Yale Alumni LinkedIn page for GIS – see this page. (99+) Yale University: People | LinkedIn

Examples of Careers in GIS

USA Jobs will be the best place to look for any federal government GIS opportunities. Be sure to use the USAJOBS Resume Builder to get started. Also consider which agencies are more likely to have GIS jobs and be sure to go to the specific agency website to sign up for any newsletters, social media alerts that they use.

Idealist is the #1 job posting database for nonprofits so for those looking to use GIS in urban planning or other nonprofit organizations, you can keyword search GIS or select a specific issue area such as Urban Areas.

By Robyn Acampora
Robyn Acampora Director of Strategic Initiatives and Public Service Careers