Current GSAS Professional Experience (GPE) Fellowship Opportunities

Apply now for Spring 2021 fellowships! Read about each fellowship below and apply for positions through the Yale Career Link. Under the Jobs tab, search for the keyword “GPE” to see all available fellowships. For more details about the fellowship program, click here.

Positions are open to currently matriculated PhD students in years 1-6* of their program during the time of the fellowship. The deadline to apply is October 20, 2020 (extended deadline!).

* 7th-year students with COVID-related funding extensions from GSAS are also eligible to apply. Please contact McDougal Fellow Molly Grun with any questions.

Students may apply to more than one fellowship position but can only accept one position. Required application documents are (1) a resume (not an academic CV) and (2) a personalized cover letter.

  • New! Data Analyst Fellow — Lifelong Learning, Yale Alumni Association

    Mentor: Lauren Summers, Senior Director, Lifelong Learning and Travel

    The Lifelong Learning and Travel team at the Yale Alumni Association plans and operates over 50 international travel-learning programs for nearly 1,000 alumni annually. Alumni join our travel programs to visit diverse global destinations on educational trips led by Yale faculty. Our new program, Yale Alumni Academy produces courses online, on-campus and abroad allowing alumni opportunities to engage, in-depth, with the Yale’s faculty, research and scholarship.

    The Yale Alumni Association unites the people and ideas that comprise the lifelong Yale experience. We provide the ongoing support and structure for Yale alumni to pursue interests and activities that positively impact their lives, Yale communities, and the world at large.

    Fellow Responsibilities

    We are seeking a graduate student fellow who can help us better understand the alumni served by our lifelong learning and travel programs. The graduate student fellow will:

    • Analyze information from our database of alumni participants.

    • Examine alumni interests in global destinations and educational themes.

    • Investigate ways of measuring alumni engagement with our various lifelong learning and travel programs.

    • Prepare a report with strategic recommendations for managing our relationships with alumni participants and developing programming that matches their interests.

    Through this project, the fellow will gain insights into digital marketing and communications and will have an opportunity to work with both the senior director and associate director responsible for marketing. We are looking for a self-starter who works well independently and thrives on data.

  • New! Program Management Fellow — Yale GSAS Alumni Association

    Mentor: James Shulman, PhD, Chairman

    The Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Alumni Association (GSAA) Board seeks to enrich the community that is woven between and among the 28,000 alumni/ae and today’s students. We support career building, networking, and mentoring for current and former students. Working collaboratively and efficiently with other Yale Alumni Association (YAA) groups and with Yale administration and staff, we constructively and effectively focus our efforts on areas where we have a particular capacity to add value.

    We seek a GPE Fellow to support a number of key GSAA programs and initiatives for the 2020-2021 year:

    • Assist with Where Do I Go From Yale webinars, in which alumni introduce students to various sectors of employment and share their lessons learned in navigating paths after graduate school.

    • Communicate with and enlist help from GSAS alumni through Cross Campus, the recently launched community-building, networking, and mentoring platform for students and alumni.

    • Collaborate with YAA to support departmentally-focused webinars/reunions to connect current students and faculty to alumni around the world.

    • Gather information about the work of Graduate School Alumni Boards at peer institutions.

    • Explore other relevant data sources (BurningGlass, 12Twenty, Handshake, or community-based resources like Humanities Indicators) that might be helpful to support the work of the GSAA Board.

    Learning Opportunities

    The GPE fellow will learn about both specific career paths of GSAS alumni and the process of supporting the work of career discovery for PhDs in a wide range of fields. The Board itself consists of accomplished alumni and the events that the fellow will help to realize will bring the fellow into contact with alumni from a wide range of fields and generations, depending on the needs of the OCS or YAA event.

    Since career diversity is both a growing area of focus at graduate programs around the country and a pressing matter of ‘life story writing’ for students looking to convert their talents into a career, this kind of work (for better and for worse) is likely to be a growing industry. As the market for tenure track jobs continues to shrink, helping to understand how students find jobs outside of the academy will increasingly become an equal part of their planning rather than being “Plan B.”

    Desired Skills and Interests:

    • Collegial teamwork

    • Organizational skills – tracking and completing tasks in event planning

    • Interest in working with data about career outcomes (from departments or other sources such as the Council of Graduate Schools)

  • Online Outreach Strategy Fellow — Department of Area Studies and Humanities Research Support (DASHRS), Yale Library

    Mentor: Jae Jennifer Rossman, Director of DASHRS

    About DASHRS

    The Department of Area Studies and Humanities Research Support (DASHRS) is a team of subject specialists who collaborate within our department and across the Yale University Library system to provide interdisciplinary research support to faculty, students, and other researchers through collection development, consultations, instruction, and other forms of outreach. We support teaching and learning for ~500 faculty, ~1000 graduate students, and ~600 undergraduate majors as well as supporting ~1400 undergraduate and ~500 graduate courses related to the department’s subject and geographical area responsibilities.

    Fellow Responsibilities

    Prepare a report, including a set of recommendations, on how to streamline and make more effective the social media and web presence of the library’s Department of Area Studies and Humanities Research Support.

    • Work with the subject specialist librarians in the department with social media channels to understand their goals for using online communication tools.

    • Work with the Assessment and User Experience Research department to gain feedback from library users on how they view library social media

    Preferred Qualifications

    • Understanding of the basic functionality and purpose of social media platforms

    • Strategic planning and organizational skills

    • Ability to work independently/take initiative

    • Strong written and oral communication skills

    • Ability to work effectively as part of a large team

    • Ability to synthesize information from multiple sources

  • Journalism Initiative Fellow — Yale Journalism Initiative

    Mentor: Mark Oppenheimer, Ph.D., Director, Yale Journalism Initiative

    In this position, a doctoral student will continue the work begun by the Fall 2020 graduate fellow in developing an alumni relations strategy for the Yale Journalism Initiative, a program that largely serves Yale undergraduates looking to enter the journalism profession. With a cohort of about 25 students graduating every year since 2006, the YJI now has an alumni body of several hundred, many of whom are now working journalists. The Fall 2020 graduate fellow will help plan and design an alumni database and website. The Spring 2021 fellow will further that work by:

    • developing a survey tool that captures relevant information from YJI alumni;

    • coordinating with IT and web design to make the information accessible (yet attentive to privacy concerns);

    • publicizing the new alumni tool;

    • and, most important, developing a strategy going forward for how the tool can be used for networking, so that alumni with similar interests can find each other, and so that recent alumni can obtain mentorship from older alumni.

  • Closed   Editorial Research Fellow — Yale Boswell Editions

    This position has been closed early at the request of the mentor.

    Mentor: Gordon Turnbull, Ph.D., General Editor, Yale Boswell Editions

    The Yale Boswell Editions, a long-running and widely acclaimed multi-volume and multi-generational scholarly publication project, edits the personal papers of the eighteenth-century Scottish lawyer, diarist, and biographer James Boswell (1740-1795.) Boswell’s pathbreaking biography, the Life of Samuel Johnson (1791), not only immortalized the great English lexicographer and author Samuel Johnson (1709-1784), it essentially pioneered the modern genre of biography. Boswell won a second and posthumous wave of fame in the twentieth century as an autobiographer following the remarkable recoveries of his personal papers, including a candid and revealing private diary kept for most of his adult life. These papers, offering a unique window on life as lived at the time of the Enlightenment in western Europe, came to Yale in the late 1940s. The Boswell Collection, running to thousands of manuscript and printed documents and spanning six centuries, forms one of the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library’s most storied archives.

    The editing of the materials, a global endeavor involving scholars in Literature and History Departments around the world, is coordinated from offices on the third floor of Sterling Memorial Library. (Directly below us on the second floor are our good friends in the Papers of Benjamin Franklin, a very similar multi-volume editorial project.) The project has a long and successful record in graduate student professional preparation. For many years, graduate student interns came to us from programs in English, Comparative Literature, History, and Art History, funded by the Warnock Bequest. These graduate students were designated Junior Warnock Fellows. As a result of recent Yale provostial budgetary decisions, the Warnock Bequest has been repurposed. The GPE Fellowship program renews the opportunity for graduate student learning, training, and professional preparation in what by common acclaim is one of the great scholarly endeavors of modern times.

         Graduate student interns, working under the direction of the General Editor and assisting individual volume editors, learn both advanced traditional scholarly research techniques — working first-hand with manuscript archives, learning paleography, using rare historical source materials (very little of which can be found online or in electronic form) — and also modern technologies of dissemination. The project is responsible for the production, as well as the intellectual content, of the volumes, and prepares and sends completed files to Edinburgh and Yale University Presses in fully publication-ready form. Skills in these two vital areas have long been of practical and professional benefit to Yale graduate students entering a difficult employment market, valuable in both academic and non-academic professional trajectories. In accordance with COVID-19 protocols, most work associated with the GPE Fellowship will be performed remotely, online. Occasional necessary in-office consultation will be conducted while observing all Yale-mandated safety procedures.

  • Editorial Fellow — Yale Alumni Magazine

    Mentor: Mark Branch, Executive Editor

    The Yale Alumni Magazine is a bimonthly print magazine, published by the university and sent to more than 140,000 Yale alumni. Founded in 1891, the magazine was until recently an independent nonprofit, and its editorial discretion and adherence to journalistic standards continue under Yale’s supervision. The magazine reports on issues and events at Yale and also publishes profiles and news of alumni.

    Working with the executive editor and others on the magazine’s eight-person staff, the Fellow will assist in the editorial process for the print magazine, website, and social media platforms.

    Fellow responsibilities:

    • provide research assistance for editors of upcoming articles.
      contribute to the magazine’s social media presence with posts and photographs.

    • help to monitor comments and maintain the magazine’s website.

    • participate in fact-checking articles for the print magazine.

    • write short items for the print magazine and, commensurate with experience and ability, perhaps longer articles.

    Desired qualifications:

    • experience and facility with online and library research

    • experience and skill with writing for a general audience

    • initiative and problem-solving ability

    • attention to accuracy

    • reliability

  • Strategic Initiatives Fellow — Yale Alumni Association

    Mentor: Steve Blum, Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives

    The Yale Alumni Association (YAA) exists to encourage connections both among alumni and affiliates and to the university. YAA staff partner with alumni leaders to create and foster these relationships, through events, reunions, mentorships, educational travel, lifelong learning opportunities, service programs, and through collaborations with alumni affairs colleagues in the Graduate School and professional schools.

    Strategic Initiatives

    At the YAA, we support alumni by where they live, by how they identify themselves, by what life-stage they are traveling through, and by where they want to go. We also maintain our Strategic Initiatives team, which is dedicated to supporting:

    The Fellowship

    Our fellowship position offers a wonderful chance to build skills and understanding regarding:

    • Networking

    • Alumni relations

    • Event planning

    • Social media

    • Data analysis

    Key opportunities may include (i) meetings and informal lunches with YAA staff and leaders; (ii) monitoring and assisting in managing our Cross Campus platform (see above); (iii) developing and/or analyzing key performance metrics (KPIs); (iv) interacting with Cross Campus users; (v) preparing periodic presentations and recommendations on how to scale up Cross Campus; (vi) promoting/staffing Fall Careers, Life, and Yale events; and (vii) attending STAY meetings.

  • Sustainability Fellow for Campus Resilience — Yale Office of Sustainability

    Mentor: Amber Garrard, Sustainability Program Manager

    The Yale Office of Sustainability works to advance sustainability within the Yale community by acting as a catalyst for information exchange and facilitating capacity building, innovation, streamlined operations, and preparation of tomorrow’s sustainability leaders.

    The Sustainability Fellow for Campus Resilience will support the development of the Yale Resilience Plan by assisting with research, analysis, and stakeholder engagement. This plan will consider how threats associated with climate change make the university vulnerable to chronic stressors and acute shocks and help develop mitigation and adaptation strategies that enable our natural, infrastructure, and social systems to be better prepared to respond.

    The Sustainability Fellow for Campus Resilience will develop their qualitative research and analytical skills, written and oral communications, and project management. Responsibilities will vary depending on the background and interests of the candidate. Tasks may include, but are not limited to:

    • Assisting with a campus vulnerability assessment

    • Conducting interviews with campus and community stakeholders

    • Researching and recommending resources that can be adapted for use by Yale (e.g. CIRCA, FEMA, CDC, mapping tools)

    • Providing subject matter expertise on one aspect of resilience (e.g. buildings, stormwater, social vulnerability, etc.)

  • Curation Fellow — Medical Historical Library at the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library

    Mentor: Melissa Grafe, Ph.D., Head of the Medical Historical Library

    Join us for a fellowship that encompasses exhibition curation! The Medical Historical Library at the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library contains one of the nation's best collections of current and rare history of medicine books, prints, posters, drawings, and photography, as well as a growing archives program. The fellow, under the guidance of the Head of the Medical Historical Library, and with the assistance of Medical Historical Library staff, will create an exhibition that would eventually be installed in the Cushing Rotunda of the Medical Library. The fellow will help with topic selection based on library collections, research the material, develop themes, select objects, create case layouts and labels, and develop programming and media. Depending on time or if preferred, the fellow will also have an opportunity to learn how to use Omeka, an online exhibition platform, to create a digital version of the exhibit. The fellow will have the opportunity to learn aspects of exhibition curation and public history, hone research skills, develop project management skills, and get deep exposure into the world of special collections.

    The fellow will need to be highly organized. Strong communication and collaboration skills are a must. Fellows are expected to learn quickly and work independently, and be flexible. Knowledge of languages beyond English is desirable. An interest in history of medicine and public health, history of science and technology, history of natural history, women and gender studies, or art history is helpful. The fellow will also be expected to pass a background check.

  • Digital Strategy Fellow — Manuscripts and Archives, Sterling Library

    Mentor: Mary Caldera, Associate Director for Technical Services, Manuscripts and Archives

    Manuscripts and Archives in Sterling Memorial Library seeks a research fellow that will explore the application of digital humanities tools and methods to born digital archives (personal papers and organizational records that originated on a computer). Archival repositories are tackling a growing number of acquisitions of born digital archives. In the last 20 years the profession has made great strides in safely acquiring the materials and preserving them. However, the format and volume of these materials pose challenges of scale to traditional archival processes. 

    We are seeking a fellow with an interest in Digital Humanities (DH) to explore how DH tools can be applied to born digital archives and what we can learn from that application. The fellow will learn about the pressing need for archival repositories and how current repositories manage born digital archival materials.

    The fellowship builds on a previous fellowship (phase 1) that

    • Researched current solutions to describing born digital archival materials

    • Conducted interviews with Sterling Library staff

    • Wrote a report that recommends DH tools and methods that will address our needs

    Fellow responsibilities:

    • Apply/test recommended DH applications to MSSA collections

    • Develop scripts, if needed, and documentation on the recommended applications

    • Facilitate staff utilization of recommended applications

    We welcome any applicants who are interested in the archival challenges of the digital age—prior experience with DH tools is a bonus, but not necessary!

  • Outreach Strategy Fellow — Digital Humanities Lab

    Mentor: Catherine DeRose, Ph.D., Program Manager

    About the Digital Humanities Laboratory

    The Digital Humanities Laboratory (DHLab) offers space, community, and resources for Yale scholars who are using computational methods to pursue research questions in the arts, humanities, and humanistic social sciences. Along with creating open-source software that supports research at increasing scales, the DHLab also provides consultations and training in the areas of text and data mining, image computation, spatial analysis, and network analysis. As part of Yale University Library, the DHLab participates in global conversations around the analysis and visualization of digitized cultural heritage collections.

    Fellow Responsibilities

    Working alongside the DHLab’s Program Manager, the Graduate Professional Experience Fellow will assist in developing and implementing the DHLab’s communication and outreach strategies.

    Depending on the fellow’s interests and expertise, projects may include:

    • Writing print and web content on digital humanities projects, events, and opportunities happening locally and globally

    • Designing and implementing event programming in the Franke Family Digital Humanities Laboratory

    • Participating in digital humanities consultations with students, faculty, and staff

    Preferred Qualifications

    The DHLab will provide mentorship and technical training as needed for the position. Preferred qualifications for applicants include:

    • Strategic planning and organizational skills

    • Ability to work independently/take initiative

    • Strong writing skills

    • Effective team player

    • Curiosity and willingness to learn

    Learning Objectives

    Through this position, the fellow will gain:

    • Knowledge of digital humanities tools, techniques, and theories

    • Familiarity with best practices in project and lab management, as well as in communication and outreach

    • Experience working with and writing code for the web with version control software, including but not limited to HTML, Markdown, the Unix Shell, Git, and GitHub

    • Experience collaborating on a digital humanities team that includes a director, program manager, user experience designer, and developers

    Along with collaborating on DHLab initiatives, the fellow will have the opportunity to meet with DHLab staff—all of whom studied in the humanities and digital media—to learn more about their unique career paths and what prepared them for their current positions.

  • Special Collections Outreach Fellow — Special Collections Steering Committee, Yale University Library

    Mentors: Rachel Chatalbash, Ph.D., Senior Museum Archivist, Yale Center for British Art and Mar González Palacios, Associate Director, Arts Library Special Collections

    Over the last two years, the Special Collections Steering Committee (SCSC) has collected data on current special collections outreach activities taking place in Yale special collections repositories. SCSC has also led discussions on potential areas of outreach development and has identified interest in increasing graduate student awareness and use of special collections.

    Working under the mentorship of two SCSC members—Rachel Chatalbash (Senior Museum Archivist, Yale Center for British Art) and Mar González Palacios (Associate Director, Arts Library Special Collections), the fellow will follow through on previous SCSC research and survey efforts and propose a plan of action. This fellowship will be conducted remotely.


    • Evaluate current outreach activities based on data already collected by SCSC members.

    • Design and conduct a survey to measure graduate student awareness and use of Yale special collections.

    • Explore potential means to increase graduate student awareness of Yale special collections. Possible areas to consider might include organizing student-focused events, creating promotional materials, and creating and funding research fellowships.

    • Propose one or more strategies or programs to the SCSC for possible design and realization.

    The fellow will consult with the Chair of YUL’s Reference, Instruction, and Outreach Committee, select faculty members, and SCSC members as appropriate.

    This position will extend the fellow’s range of academic specialization and expertise by augmenting their research skills through direct engagement with special collections operations. In addition to administrative skills, the fellow will gain valuable skills in project management, technology, and research collation, and will serve as an integral member of the YUL Special Collections Steering Committee.

    Qualifications: The fellow will need to be highly organized. Strong communication and collaboration skills are required. A background check will be required.

  • Research and Strategy Fellow — Yale Carbon Containment Lab

    Mentor: Justin Freiberg, Managing Director

    Background: The Yale Carbon Containment Lab (CC Lab) designs, tests and develops novel, low-cost, safe, scalable and verifiable methods of atmospheric carbon reduction and containment including those modeled after natural processes. The CC Lab develops, implements, and catalyzes carbon containment methods focusing on climate solutions that collectively have the potential to reduce and sequester more than one billion tons of CO2e [carbon dioxide equivalent] this century.

    Job Description: The Lab is hiring a doctoral student fellow to help tackle the challenge of climate change with innovation and an interdisciplinary approach through research support during the 2020-2021 academic year. The student research assistant will support multiple projects underway at the Lab, researching specific topics according to skillset and the Lab’s need.

    Tasks will include:

    • Research relevant to the CC Lab’s methodologies and projects

    • Structuring and cataloguing research and information

    • Reporting to the CC Lab on a regular basis on research results and recommendations for outreach

    • Contacting subject matter experts and leaders in the field of carbon containment and sequestration

    • Aiding in the design, execution, and measurement of CC Lab projects

    • Participating in other CC Lab activities, fieldwork, and research tasks as needed

    • Research topics may include negative emissions technologies, geologic carbon storage, and natural solutions

    Job Requirements:

    • Flexible, creative thinker able to investigate, interpret and communicate data, science, and trends across a number of fields related to the CC Lab’s work (i.e. able to delve into the literature on chemical engineering, biogeochemistry, mechanical engineering, geophysics, and soil science, and others as needed)

    • Experience in conducting far-ranging research and academic literature reviews

    • Desire to tackle the challenge of climate change with innovation and an interdisciplinary approach

    • Highly creative and adept at solving problems

    • Organized and good attention to detail

    • Self-starter and independent worker

    • Familiarity with MS Office Suite, Dropbox, Zoom

    • Knowledge of carbon offsets, certifications, containment, sequestration or removal initiatives, woody biomass decomposition, and biomass transportation (preferred)

  • Career Strategy Project Fellow — Yale Office of Career Strategy, Employer Relations

    Mentor: David Halek, Director of Employer Relations

    The GPE Fellow in the Office of Career Strategy (OCS) will support key projects set by the OCS Leadership team. One of the primary projects will be the management of new employer development initiatives for undergraduate, graduate students and postdocs across multiple career fields. The Fellow will work closely with the Director of Employer Relations, and other colleagues. The Fellow will interact regularly with employers, alumni, and various Yale Centers and faculty in support of employer relations goals and cultivate new employer relationships for Yale students and postdocs. The Fellow will develop knowledge of contemporary recruiting practices, employer branding, and employee experience to guide recruiters to a practical course of action. This position will also have an opportunity to become involved with other projects within the Office of Career Strategy based on their individual interests.

  • Alumni Outreach and Professional Development Fellow — Native American Cultural Center

    Mentor: Matthew Makomenaw, Ph.D., Assistant Dean of Yale College and Director of Native American Cultural Center

    About the Native American Cultural Center

    Established in 1993, the Native American Cultural Center (NACC) promotes and supports Native American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, First Nations, and other Indigenous cultures and communities. The center hopes to support the Native/Indigenous community, as well as the greater Yale community, to Indigenous issues and culture by bringing programming to campus that includes events such as speakers, artist talks and installations, and conversations with leading Indigenous intellectuals.

    The Native American Cultural Center also serves as a gathering place for Yale’s Native American students as well as other student groups. Students are encouraged to come to the NACC to study in its library, to use the conference rooms and lounges, its kitchen, or the Native living room and other spaces in the center.

    Native American Cultural Center Fellow Responsibilities

    Working alongside the Director of the NACC, the Graduate Fellow will assist in developing and implementing a NACC Alumni and career outreach program to foster communication and relationships between current NACC students, alumni, and employment opportunities.

    Projects may include:

    • Collecting and developing a list of Yale NACC affiliated alumni interested in mentoring and sharing knowledge and networks with current students.

    • Creating opportunities and programs for current NACC students to interact and network with NACC alumni.

    • Develop programming and relationships with organizations and businesses interested in reaching out to students affiliated with NACC.

    • Develop and disseminate career related material (resume, cover letter, networking, interviewing) with Native representation and examples in content.

    Preferred Qualifications

    • Ability to be innovative and creative in developing programs

    • Strong written and verbal communications

    • Willingness to learn and open to various perspectives

    • Interest in career development

    • Interest in working with NACC community