Preferred Yale Partners

Preferred Yale Partners Opportunities

As a Yale student, you have access to a network of alums and employers eager to offer you opportunities, which we refer to as Preferred Yale Partners. These employers include alumni from any Yale school, faculty, Yale parents, Yale World Fellows, and more who are looking specifically for Yale resumes. Preferred Yale Partners positions can range from short-term internships or project-based work, through full-time jobs in any industry.

You can find a sampling of these positions in the Jobs Feed on the right, or search for these opportunities directly in Yale Career Link:

  • Once you log-in, choose the Jobs tab, then Search
  • Choose More Filters, and select Preferred Yale Partner ‘Yes’ (you can also search by location, industry, job function, and more)

There are many ways to gain experience, so don’t forget to check out our Gain Skills and Experience tips, as well as Short-term Projects & Micro-Internships.


Overview of Recruiting Timelines

Timelines vary even within the same industry, so it is important to plan ahead to assure you don’t miss opportunities. It is also important to designate sufficient time for your search. Think about it as a class, without an exam. …

By Yale Office of Career Strategy
Yale Office of Career Strategy
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List of Summer Housing Resources

The following tips and list of housing resources by City are compiled annually based on referrals from Yale students and alums.

When starting your housing search, check with classmates and friends who will be in the same area as you …

By Yale Office of Career Strategy
Yale Office of Career Strategy
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Academic Credit & Letters of Support

Once you secure your experience, you may find the employer needs additional information to finalize your employment or, if applicable, secure your work visa. See below for how OCS can help when an employer requests details about academic credit or …

By Yale Office of Career Strategy
Yale Office of Career Strategy
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