Job Search Timeline for Master’s Students

A Unique Experience

While it is reasonable to say that your time as a master’s student at Yale will be unique, many cannot anticipate how this uniqueness works its way into the job or internship search.  Whether you are in a 1-year or 2-year master’s program, your professional success is best guaranteed through proper preparation and anticipation of the process that lies ahead.  While this can be seen as a challenge, you should know that the Office of Career Strategy is there to help you every step of the way!

The Rhythm of the Academic Year

Summer Preparation & the Fall Semester

Our office reaches out to incoming master’s students months prior to their arrival on campus via email, introducing an array of resources and services, culminating with our one-on-one resume review program known as Resumania.  This outreach is due to the fact that, whether you are seeking an internship for next summer or a full-time position after graduation, many employers from an array of industries conduct much of their recruiting and establish their presence on campus during the Fall semester.  Therefore, it is important for students to arrive on campus with an updated resume, an awareness of our office’s resources, a few ideas about their professional interests, and an understanding of how to get involved on campus (for personal and professional benefit).  Our early outreach is designed to help in all of these areas.

Our primary objective through this outreach is to ensure you have a recently updated (and reviewed) resume as you start your time at Yale.  Once your resume has been properly edited and updated, it is then a matter of preparing for our annual career fairs and networking events, which predominantly take place during the Fall semester (typically from early September through October).  For those just arriving to campus, September and October can be quite hectic as you adjust to your course schedule, learn your way around campus, make new friends, and acclimate to daily life at Yale.  With these challenges in mind, the Office of Career Strategy provides masters students with a library of resources aimed at helping them identify their skills and interests, research employers of preference, practice networking and interviewing skills, and even how best to negotiate offers.

Beyond the Fall, Beyond Yale

The Office of Career Strategy’s work with master’s students is not limited to the Fall, however.  At any point during the calendar year, Yale master’s students have access to our vast resume writing resources and guides, the opportunity to meet with an adviser for a one-on-one appointment, and the ability to submit your resume for review through our online resume review service.

While the early Fall semester can be hectic for a number of reasons, including the internship or job search, this does not mean you are expected to secure a position within the first six weeks of your being on campus!  Master’s students routinely secure opportunities throughout the academic year.  While a number of employers will make their presence known in the early Fall semester, your ability to engage with employers, discover new interests, and pursue opportunities will be possible year-round!

Even after you graduate from Yale, you will continue to have access to all OCS resources, including:

Considering Continuing Your Education?

If continuing your education toward a PhD, MD, or professional program remains an area of interest, know that the Office of Career Strategy can help!  Each type of program will likely contain its own nuances regarding timeline and preparation, so be sure to check out our resources on how to best prepare for your application!