Inequity and Racism in Health Care

In June 2020, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), with endorsement of other health associations, published a Statement on Police Brutality and Racism in America and Their Impact on Health. The statement begins by saying:

“For too long, racism has been an ugly, destructive mark on America’s soul. Throughout our country’s history, racism has affected every aspect of our collective national life—from education to opportunity, personal safety to community stability, to the health of people in our cities large and small, and in rural America.”

In February 2021, the AAMC released a Statement on Dismantling Racism in Academic Medicine.

The following resources have been compiled by Yale College students and other contributors for future health care providers to learn further about inequity and racism. The resources are separated by medium:

Additionally, here are several organizations addressing equity issues in health care. If you have additional resources to share, please email