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Domestic Summer Award (DSA)

The Domestic Summer Award (DSA) can provide a stipend to Yale undergraduates on financial aid who have secured an approved unpaid summer internship in one of the following areas: a nonprofit; a government entity; a non-governmental organization (NGO); or an Arts Apprenticeship

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Preparation is needed for a successful experience and students are encouraged to begin this process early. OCS provides access to thousands of opportunities in the U.S. and around the world. In addition, OCS works with students to help them craft an experience to fit their unique interests. To ensure that you derive the maximum benefit from your experience, check out our general tips for success.

Students seeking funding are encouraged to visit the Financial Literacy: Managing Your Money at Yale resources for tips on budgeting, taxes and other considerations.


Tip: Did you know that OCS hosts Peer Networking Lists of current Yale College students sharing their past summer experiences under Resources, Career Library on the Yale Career Link? Take a look and connect with your peers to learn about their experiences.

What is a Preferred Yale Partner?

As a Yale student, you are fortunate to have access to an enormous network of alums and employers eager to offer you opportunities. OCS works closely with many Yale alums, parents, donors and employers that hire Yale students across all industries, which we refer to as Preferred Yale Partners. These opportunities may be paid and unpaid internships, with some offering other perks such as free lunch or a commuting stipend.

Search for opportunities offered by Preferred Yale Partners directly in the Yale Career Link:

  1. Once you log-in, choose the Jobs tab, Search Jobs.
  2. Choose 'See All Jobs' under the Search button to create a customized search
  3. Choose More Filters, and select Preferred Yale Partner 'Yes' (you can also search by location, industry, job function and other fields).

Important Note: Please keep in mind that when you accept an offer, you have a professional obligation to join that employer.  Reneging on an offer (i.e., accepting an offer, changing your mind and then rejecting it) is extremely unprofessional; doing so damages your professional reputation, the reputation of Yale alumni employed by that organization and, of course, the reputation of Yale University.

Tip: Yale funding sources, including the International Summer Award, the Domestic Summer Award, and various competitive fellowships offered through the Yale College Office of Fellowships can all be used to fund an unpaid opportunity with a Preferred Yale Partner.

FAQ: Preferred Yale Partner Spotlight: Philanthropy in Motion (Beijing)

Jasmine Lau, Co-Founder & CEO, Yale College Class of 2012

What will a typical day at your organization look like for a Yale intern?

PIM is a social enterprise based in Beijing. We run education and leadership programs founded on a “learning by doing” model for investigating and solving social problems, partnering closely with universities, community organizations, social enterprises, and practitioners to create projects that have sustainable real world impact. Our broader vision is to change society’s traditional definition of success from financially-driven to impact-driven, and our programs focus on advancing some of the cutting edge trends in China’s social impact space like impact investing, social entrepreneurship and more.

The PIM office is in a co-working space near Beijing’s central business district. We’re an international team – our members come from the US, Hong Kong, Korea, Mainland China but all share an interest in social innovation and China’s role in sustainable development.

Everyday is different here at PIM – during the summer months, we are typically busy running different programs, from a graduate level Social Innovation Lab to a 6-week immersive social investment program called Model Foundation, and an international summit on social innovation. We’re a fast paced organization, so I’d say our days are packed and all team members play a role in building each project.
This summer, we’ll also be working on launching Asia’s first degree program, with a focus on social entrepreneurship and innovation. We’re excited for this summer’s team to be a part of building this together!

How did you discover your interest in this field?

I’ve always been interested in community development work and social causes but have never thought of this as a career. I happened to stumble upon the movement of social entrepreneurship and impact investing through reading books and taking the Yale philanthropy course, and am excited to share this career path with more young people.

Could you briefly describe the path that led you to where you are today?

We created Philanthropy in Motion in 2013. The motivation was that we saw a lot of young people that are interested in social issues in China, but often times don’t feel they have a channel or a way to engage effectively. I was working at a foundation at that time, the Narada Foundation, and so that’s how I got exposed to many social entrepreneurs and organizations that are run by the grassroots, that are very independent and have a lot of interesting models, and I wanted to find a way to engage them.

We started a platform to do two things: education and funding. The first part is educating young people about social impact and effective philanthropy. For example, we created a program that is based off of a course that I took at Yale, which allows young people to form a foundation and go to investigate different issues, and then decide how to use that money most effectively. Through this learning-by-doing approach, these young people are able to get a much broader understanding of the philanthropic sector and how to measure impact, and think very strategically about how they want to create change.

So that’s our education model. As for the other part, we created PIM because we wanted to, in some way, democratize philanthropy and engage young people to support social organizations. This was before crowd-funding, and before a lot of the more public initiatives to promote philanthropy, so we organized crowd-funding around philanthropic initiatives, and had young people fund these grassroots organizations. We still do that a lot, based on channeling funding to support organizations that are selected by young people, vetted by young people, and often times founded or having a lot of support from young people.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your involvement in this organization?

Building a social enterprise startup in one of the fastest developing countries in the world, getting to work closely with trailblazers, activists, and social innovators, and empowering young people with the tools to make a difference .

What can potential interns do to prepare to be a valuable asset to the organization over the summer?

We’re a bilingual office, so practicing language skills will really help make your transition into things here smooth. We also recommend new team members take our online courses on social innovation, entrepreneurship and systems thinking before joining so that you can hit the ground running in developing and delivering curriculum.

What are some of the expectations of an intern at your organization?

PIM’s mission is to empower millennials with the resources they need to drive initiatives and projects of their own, so want teammates who will leverage PIM as a platform to forward their missions or ideas. We expect that every team member take ownership over the projects they are working on, while contributing ideas for how to improve how we do things.

Do you have any advice for Yale students looking for internships?

It’s a really exciting to build bridges with China.  I think an international internship is an incredible opportunity not only to build professional skills, but also contribute to being a part of building something and gain a local perspective of really exciting global trends.

What are your greatest memories of Yale?

Living in a residential college with all your best friends, having great conversations into the middle of the night, running student clubs…

What advice do you have for current Yale students about making the most of their time at Yale?

Try something outside of your comfort zone.

What was one of your favorite classes at Yale?

It’s a residential college seminar called Philanthropy in Action, which was one of the sources of inspiration for starting PIM!

FAQ: Preferred Yale Partner Student Internship Spotlight: The Education Policy Institute, London, England

Working as a research intern at the Education Policy Institute this past summer was a really wonderful learning experience and a great way to spend time abroad. In addition to helping out with a literature review, the launch event for the UK TALIS survey, and other research projects such as EPI's annual report, I was able to design and execute my own research project on the state of educator wellbeing in England. The office was extremely welcoming, accommodating and motivating - as someone who came in with little background knowledge of England's educational landscape, I couldn't have asked for a better work environment! Through this internship I was able to refine my research and writing skills while learning about educational issues in a new and different context.

  • Odette Wang, Sociology, 2020

Preferred Yale Partners: U.S. Internships

Hundreds of Preferred Yale Partners exist across all industries, functional areas and locations throughout the United States including many in the areas of Common Good & Creative Careers. In some cases, Yale Alumni Clubs support interns by providing activities and housing options.

Students interested in the following programs: Bulldogs in the Rockies, Bulldogs in the Bluegrass, Bulldogs in the Lakes and Bulldogs in the Big Easy should reach out to the relevant City Leader listed below for pricing and other information. Those programs may include a program fee (detailed by city below), which will be charged to the student via Bursar billing.

FAQ: Denver, CO - Bulldogs in the Rockies

City Leader: Howard Holme

Students are responsible for paying a $300 program fee (paid via Bursar billing) to participate in this program.  Otherwise known as “Colorado Leaders, Interns, Mentors In Business (CLIMB)," Yale students in Denver participate in a consortium with Harvard, Middlebury, MIT, Stanford, Brown, Denison, and Northwestern McCormick School of Engineering for an intensive summer immersion program designed to help interns explore the professional, civic, social, and unique outdoor offers of the greater Denver area. You can view internships in this location by searching for Denver, Colorado or keyword “Bulldogs in the Rockies” in your Yale Career Link. Housing is offered at Campus Village Apartments (318 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80204). 

Internship Dates: Tuesday, May 26 - Thursday, July 30

FAQ: Louisville, KY - Bulldogs in the Bluegrass

City Leader: Rowan Claypool

Students are responsible for paying a $300 program fee (paid via Bursar billing) to participate in this program.  This program provides Yale College students with the experience of working and living during the summer in Louisville, Kentucky. This opportunity brings Yalies together for life-long friendships, connects students to the local Yale community, and provides community networking with all the best that Louisville has to offer.  Check out Bulldogs in the Bluegrass' 20th Anniversary video. You can view internships in this area by searching for Louisville, Kentucky or keyword “Bulldogs in the Bluegrass” in your Yale Career Link. Group housing is available at Bellarmine University. 

Program/housing dates: Saturday, May 23 - Saturday, August 1

FAQ: Minneapolis, MN - Bulldogs on the Lakes

City Leader: Bill Messinger

This program provides Yale College students with the opportunity to work and live in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota during the summer. Almost all interns are employed in nonprofit or public service related positions. The program’s focus on nonprofit opportunities stems from a belief that undergraduate education should include “hands-on” experience in this important sector of society. You can view internships in this area by searching for Minneapolis, Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota, or keyword “Bulldogs on the Lakes” in your Yale Career Link. Housing information will be shared during the spring semester. Additional information regarding the program can be found online at

Internships range from 6-12 weeks so it is important to review the internship description and communicate with the organization.

FAQ: Los Angeles Arts Internships

The Los Angeles Arts Internships are an alumni supported summer internship program that seeks to connect Yale undergraduates with a diversity of arts administration opportunities in and around the Los Angeles area. Through this program, each year four to five Yale undergraduates are supported in funded positions at employers that have include American Contemporary Ballet, LA Opera, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), and Los Angeles Master Chorale.

  • Students receive a stipend of $5,500, provided through the generosity of the Ahmanson Foundation and alumni support.
  • All internships must be a minimum of 8 weeks in duration. Start and end dates can be negotiated with the employer.
  • Students are responsible for their own housing, meals, travel and transportation needs.
  • Application Process: Positions are posted within the Yale Career Link, starting in December. Application is rolling with a final deadline of February 15th. Search for "LA Arts" within the YCL jobs board.
  • Required Documents: Resume, cover letter, in some cases writing samples.

FAQ: Paul Block Journalism Internships

Paul Block Journalism Interns are selected for 10-week internships at one of two newspapers, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Toledo Blade. Past Paul Block Journalism Interns have gone on to prestigious roles at other leading national newspapers. Block interns are paired with an editor who will have responsibility for assigning stories, editing work, and offering mentorship throughout the summer. Students are expected to perform at a high level, meeting rigorous standards of reporting and writing on demanding deadlines. In return, students can expect to finish the summer with many professional clips and experience at a major newspaper.

Additionally, the Block Foundation has organized a broadcast focused internship at WDRB News in Louisville, KY. Applicants for this position should demonstrate the broadcast focus in their materials, including links to pertinent video clips.

  • Students receive a stipend of $4,000, thanks to the generosity of the Block Family Foundation.
  • All internships must be a minimum of 10 weeks in duration. Start and end dates can be negotiated with the employer.
  • Housing resources are available to assist you with your search, and the sponsoring organizations can assist if needed.
  • Students are responsible for their own meals, travel and transportation needs.
  • It is recommended (but not required) to have a car because public transportation systems in these locations may not serve the needs of a newspaper intern on assignment.
  • Application Process: Applications are accepted in two separate rounds: 1st deadline October 27th; 2nd deadline February 14th. Search for "Paul Block" within the Yale Career Link jobs board.
  • Required Documents: Resume, cover letter and 3-5 reported pieces, including publication information for each piece.

FAQ: Buckley Media & Public Policy Internships

The Buckley Media & Public Policy Internships Program was founded in 2010 by a group of Yale undergraduates under the guidance of Professor Donald Kagan. The program has a mission to promote intellectual diversity on Yale's campus. Through its summer internship program, five to seven Yale undergraduates are supported in funded positions at employers that include the National Review, The New Criterion, the Manhattan Institute, Forbes Magazine, FIRE, and Gingrich Productions.

  • Students receive a stipend of $4,000, provided through the generosity of the Buckley Media & Public Policy Internships Program at Yale.
  • All internships must be a minimum of 8 weeks in duration. Start and end dates can be negotiated with the employer.
  • Students are responsible for their own housing, meals, travel and transportation needs.
  • Application Process: Positions are posted within the Yale Career Link, starting in December. Applications are rolling with a final deadline of February 15th. Search for "Buckley" within the YCL jobs board.
  • Required Documents: Resume, cover letter, in some cases writing samples.

FAQ: Yale Alumni Community Service Fellowship (YACSF)

Yale Alumni Community Service Fellowship (YACSF) sponsors internships in paid eight-week community service positions throughout the United States. This program was initiated in 1989 and allows students to work in substantive positions within nonprofit organizations. The program has a close partnership with the local Yale Alumni Clubs who support the positions in their particular location. The stipend for this fellowship ranges from $2,800 to $5,000, depending on the location. See specific position for stipend amount.

  • Application Requirements: Current undergraduates are eligible to apply. Participants are expected to work full time for the entire eight weeks of the fellowship.
  • Requirements: All participants are required to watch a Pre-departure online session prior to the start of their internship. At the completion of the fellowship, participants will be responsible for submitting reflection responses highlighting their summer experience. These responses will be collected in the OCS Summer Survey.
  • Application Process: Internships can be posted in Yale Career Link starting anytime after November 15. Deadlines vary by position. To Search for positions in Yale Career Link, search keyword: YACSF.
  • Expenses:Students must find housing on their own in many of the locations. However, housing is provided for participants in a couple of locations (NYC, Philadelphia). For complete details, carefully review the job description of each opportunity of interest. Participants are responsible for providing their own meals, travel and transportation needs.

FAQ: Yawkey Community Service Fellowship

The Yawkey Community Service Fellowship allows students to apply to receive a $5,000 stipend to work at nonprofit organizations in the Connecticut, Rhode Island and Boston area that the student has proposed. These fellowships are supported by the Yawkey Foundation, which is committed to continuing the legacy of Tom and Jean Yawkey by making significant and positive impacts on the quality of life for children, families, and the underserved in the areas which the Yawkeys called home: New England and Georgetown County, South Carolina.

  • Application Requirements: Current undergraduates are eligible to apply. Participants are expected to work full time for the entire eight weeks of the fellowship.
  • Program Requirements: All participants are required to watch a Pre-departure online session prior to the start of their internship. At the completion of the fellowship, participants will be responsible for submitting reflection responses highlighting their summer experience. These responses will be collected in the OCS Summer Survey. There is also a reflection meeting with someone from the Yawkey Foundation in September.
  • Application Process: Applicants will apply through Yale Students Grants Database. Log into the database to read the entire application process /requirements.
  • Application Deadline: Tuesday, March 3rd at 3:00pm EST.
  • Expenses: Participants are responsible for meeting their own housing, food and transportation needs.

FAQ: Sitka, Alaska Internships

Sitka was recently named by Jetsetter as one of the 9 Cutest Small Towns in America! Through the generous assistance of Yale alum contacts in the region, past employers offering opportunities include Sitka Fine Arts Camp, Sitka Historical Society & Museum, Sitka Local Foods Network, and Artchange, Inc. Positions are typically posted on Yale Career Link in December-January each year and can be searched by searching keywords “Yale Internships in Sitka” in the Jobs section.

FAQ: Yale in Hollywood

OCS and the Yale in Hollywood Club, an alum group involved in the entertainment industry and part of the Yale Club of Southern California, have collaborated to offer internship opportunities and streamline the internship search process for students interested in an introduction to the various components of the entertainment industry. Students receive guidance from industry professionals as they develop their networking skills and develop a base of contacts that are integral to expanding their career opportunities.

Events are planned during the summer, including receptions and networking events with alumni in Southern California to provide students with an opportunity to establish a solid industry network and begin developing mentoring relationships with alumni.

Some employers may inquire about whether a student can receive academic credit for the internship. Yale College has a policy that allows students to apply summer experience toward credit for independent study at Yale. This policy is not unique to Yale; it is shared by many other institutions. You may request a letter stating Yale's policies through the Office of Career Strategy, which is usually sufficient for the employer.

  • Students are responsible for providing their own housing. Housing resources are available to help you locate housing in Los Angeles.
  • Students are responsible for providing their own meals.
  • Interns are responsible for meeting their own travel and transportation needs. It is usually recommended to have a car because where you live and work may be far apart and the public transportation system in Los Angeles can be difficult to navigate.
  • Like many internships in entertainment, these opportunities will be unpaid unless otherwise specified. Not all opportunities will require students to work full-time for 40 hours-per-week. Students may participate in multiple internships or hold part-time jobs to supplement the internship.
  • Application Process: Internships will be posted in Yale Career Link starting in early spring for summer opportunities. Internships are open to all current Yale College students. Internship duration, start and end dates will be negotiated with each employer.
  • Required Documents: Résumé, Cover letter. Employers may require script coverage, writing samples, or the completion of a second online application through their custom portal.

Preferred Yale Partners: International Internships

Each summer hundreds of Yale College students gain international career experience and broaden their perspectives by working and living abroad during the summer. Through our Preferred Yale Partners internships are offered in a variety of career fields including the arts, politics, global health, technology, community advocacy, think tanks, finance, journalism, and law.

Point: The Office of Career Strategy has significant funding available for international internships in Israel through the Alec Ellison '84 and Tamar Sadeh '85 Israel Travel Fund. If you are considering an internship in Israel, please email Julia Bourque for information.

Search Preferred Yale Partners offering international internship in Yale Career Link

  • From Homepage, Choose Jobs > Search Jobs from the left
  • Click on "View All Jobs"
  • In Location area, type the country of interest; under Position Type, choose 'Internship or Part-time Job', and under More Filters, choose 'Preferred Yale Partner'

Note: Important Reminders for Experiences Abroad

  • All international travelers must hold a valid passport. 
  • A visa or work authorization may be required and students are strongly encouraged to conduct their own research to verify the process. OCS has compiled helpful visa/work authorization resources and students can process visas/work authorizations through CIBT Visas, who serve Yale at a discounted rate (Yale's ID number: 40634).
  • Students traveling to England and Hong Kong should contact OCS as soon as possible to discuss applying for work authorization.

It is important to conduct research on the location of interest to learn more about the culture, current events, and safety of your destination.

  1. First, read carefully the Yale Travel Policy, which outlines to which countries travel is restricted. Links to the US Department of State Travel Advisories as well as International SOS are available. 
  2. Next, use the Yale Travel Toolkit, a comprehensive guide for Yale University faculty, students, post-docs and staff conducting international activities (look on the bottom left of the International Toolkit home page to enter the Toolkit). You'll find tips on preparation, health and safety, security, and other resources. 
  3. Also check out Goinglobal's Country Career guides. Visit their sections on Financial Considerations, Cultural Advice, and General Resources.
  4. Finally, review Yale Study Abroad's detailed webpages on Health and Safety Abroad, Diversity & Inclusion, and Cultural Adjustment & Engagement.

Career Insider Vault has some helpful tips on making the most of a professional international experience: 7 Strategies for a Successful International Work Assignment.

FAQ: Where are Preferred Yale Partners located?

OCS works with employers across fields and locations to provide opportunities to students. It is important to consider your familiarity and comfort level living in an international location. 

It is necessary that students review safety and security information and understand risks involved with travel to any country. To read more about various locations, review the Yale Travel Policy, the US Department of State travel advisories and log into your International SOS account, available through the International Toolkit.

Sample locations with opportunities offered by Yale Preferred Partners:

  • Accra, Ghana
  • Amman, Jordan
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Athens, Greece
  • Beijing, China
  • Bristol, England
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Hong Kong
  • Jerusalem, Israel
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Kampala, Uganda
  • London, England
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Munich, Germany
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Shanghai, China
  • Singapore
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Tokyo, Japan

FAQ: How can I stay connected with Yale during an international internship?

In the Spring, complete the "Summer 2020: Connect with Alums (By Location)" survey in Yale Career Link. Your name and Yale email will be sent to the relevant Yale Club by City and you will be included on their list-serves for any summer events.

FAQ: How can I connect if there is an emergency abroad?

  • Local emergency service (NOTE: 911 is not a universal emergency number)
  • International SOS.
  • UnitedHealthcare Global (if you have registered for health insurance coverage).
  • 24-hour Yale Security: 1-203-785-5555
  • Yale OCS: 1-203-432-9435

FAQ: What is an estimated budget and what are funding options?

A summer internship is a valuable experience, but it means preparing by creating an overall budget and identifying your goals for savings. It is important to consider internship wages (if the internship compensates), any type of funding available such as an International Summer Award or fellowship, and the amount you are able to allocate towards your professional summer experience for housing, food, and airfare.

International internships through Preferred Yale Partners are International Summer Award (ISA) eligible as long as they are full-time, a minimum of 8 weeks, and the destination is not the student's country of origin. Please see the 2019 ISA Estimated Budget for International Internships. There may also be competitive fellowships available for a student pursuing a professional experience and/or research within an internship. The Fellowships Office and the Student Grants Database are great places to start. Please note however that fellowships are competitions, and are not a certainty.  

It is important to consider all expenses involved in an international internship. The following are the ISA budget items:

  • Housing
  • Roundtrip Airfare 
  • Health (necessary immunizations)
  • Visa or Work Permit
  • Work Commute
  • Food

Not included in the 2019 ISA Budget are miscellaneous items, such as dry cleaning, Tupperware, a SIM card, or sheets/towels that may need to be purchased upon arrival.

It is never too early in the year to start planning. Begin with a list of how much you might receive from a campus job, ISA or fellowship and how much you must contribute by either beginning to save now or looking at options for extra income through the academic year.

FAQ: Is there professional support during the internship?

Students may have opportunities to engage in career exploration and professional support through activities coordinated by alums if they complete the "Summer 2020: Connect with Alums (By Location)" survey in Yale Career Link. Depending on the size of the Yale Club, these may include networking events where students can connect with alums and other professionals, tours of various organizations, local lectures or performances, and some cultural events around the city.  For students in London: the Yale Club of London invites students to join its Mentorship Program.

Each week in June and July, Yale College students receive a brief newsletter from OCS highlighting important professional development tips and office resources. Additionally, all students have access to self-reflection prompts to explore their professional and personal growth via Yale Career Link

Finally, students can receive support through appointments with OCS advisors throughout the summer via phone or Skype.

FAQ: Is there support for visas/work authorization and international health insurance?

Health Insurance
OCS offers a group health insurance policy through International SOS. The health insurance costs are extremely reasonable at $1.09 per day. Students can read the International SOS Health Insurance policy FAQs. If a student wishes to register for the International SOS health insurance, they must sign up through the "International SOS" survey in Yale Career Link by May 20, 2019. We understand that some students may have equivalent health insurance through their families or home country; therefore, it is important to review all options. 

Visas and Work Authorization
All international travelers must hold a valid passport.  A visa or work authorization may be required and students are strongly encouraged to conduct their own research to verify their process. Some visa processes can take at least 3 months and may involve sending a passport to a consulate.

OCS has compiled numerous visa and work authorization resources as a starting point as you research the correct visa type and/or work authorization necessary.  You must research your own Embassy for individual application instructions (i.e. your consulate will be different if you live in New York or New Mexico). In some locations (Hong Kong, the UK), there are specific protocols; CIBT Visas is available for many locations (Yale ID 40634) and serves Yale students at a discounted rate, while other locations require you to determine your visa process independently.

If you are interning in Hong Kong or the UK, please contact OCS as soon as possible to discuss work authorization:

  • For Hong Kong, OCS can provide contact information on the Hong Kong America Center for visa processing and assistance.
  • For the UK, it is essential to give at least 3 months (if not more) for the UK Tier 5 work authorization process, and review the specific requirements from BUNAC (the visa sponsor). It is USD 795 to register with BUNAC for sponsorship. Upon receiving a Certificate of Sponsorship from BUNAC, students then apply for a visa (~USD 315). Priority services costs are listed in BUNAC documents.

FAQ: Is coordinated housing available?

OCS does not provide coordinated housing. 

Please note that certain risks are assumed when using the non-coordinated housing resources provided on the Housing Resources webpage. The Office of Career Strategy and Yale provide these resources as a convenience, and does not vet them, or make any representations as to the qualifications or experience of the resources. Students must perform their own due diligence and use their own discretion and judgment when making decisions about housing. Students are also encouraged to ask their employers directly about additional resources.

FAQ: Are there other resources to help me find an international internship?

  • Tecnologico de Monterrey Research Program: Tecnológico de Monterrey offers undergraduate students the possibility to develop their research skills by participating on research projects at any of our research centers. Students will obtain valuable experience while being advised by research specialists in any of our many research groups (39 research groups, 4 research centers).
  • AIESEC Yale: AIESEC is the world's largest student-run nonprofit organization, present in 126 countries. AIESEC Yale offers students internships and volunteer opportunities all over the world in a wide range of sectors.
  • The MacMillan Center: The MacMillan Center is Yale's principal agency for encouraging and coordinating teaching and research on international affairs, societies, and cultures around the world.
  • Trabajando: The Yale community has access to international job opportunities through an exciting collaboration with Banco Santander and its affiliated organization Universia. The portal provides students and graduates with access to job and internship.
  • Technical University of Munich, Practical Research Experience Program (PREP): PREP is open to advanced undergraduate students (2 years of study completed at arrival in Munich) and graduate students. Students will work on a research project together with researchers from the Technical University of Munich from June to mid-August. Application deadline is beginning of December.