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STEM Connect supports Yale students and postdocs who are interested in a wide range of careers related to science research, technology, engineering, and data science/statistics in order to innovate and impact the world. Our mission is to connect students to abundant advising resources, alums for networking opportunities, events to learn more about employers, workshops to broaden your understanding of the job search, and so much more. 


Advising Resources

Advisors are available to meet with you 1:1 to clarify and illumniate your STEM-related career trajectory; schedule your appointment via the Yale Career Link. Students interested in health professions advising are invited to meet with members of our Health Professions Advisory Team. For students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in a STEM-related area, please see our graduate school advising resources

Tip: OCS advisors would like to remind students that your major doesn't determine your career path; it is instead related to your values, interests, skills, and experiences. In that way, a non-STEM major can pursue a STEM-related career while a STEM-major can pursue something outside STEM. To get a better sense of the degree-career linkage among Yale students, please see the:

Gaining Experience

Try out Career Options

  • Try out different work environments: Professional experiences and internships - Experiential learning is a way to link what is learned in the classroom to real-world experience. Its value goes beyond applying theoretical skills to practical scenarios. The development of skills such as effective communication, teamwork, time-management and self-awareness will be useful attributes for future job opportunities. In fact, experiential education can also lead to more powerful academic learning and help students achieve intellectual goals commonly associated with liberal education, including:
    • a deeper understanding of subject matter than is possible through classroom study alone;
    • the capacity for critical thinking and application of knowledge in complex or ambiguous situations;
    • the ability to engage in lifelong learning, including learning in the workplace
  • Gain experience on-campus: Working in a leadership or administrative position for a student organization can support your professional development, provide insight into career functions, help develop project management and communication skills, and engage in productive teamwork.

Database of career resources by industry

Get Connected to Research

Yale Undergraduate Research Association: The Yale Undergraduate Research Association, or YURA, was founded in the spring of 2015 to foster a community of undergraduate researchers here at Yale, and connect them with mentors and resources as well as other undergraduate researchers.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU): Collaborate with peers for NSF funded research opportunities for undergraduate students through its REU Sites program. An REU Site consists of a group of ten or so undergraduates who work in the research programs of the host institution.

STARS (Science, Technology and Research Scholars) Program: Provides undergraduates an opportunity to combine course-based study, research, mentorship, networking, and career planning in the fields of science and technology.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities in STEM: Internship opportunities compiled by The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE)

Tip: Looking to fund your research? Here are some ways:

Domestic Summer Award (DSA), International Summer Award (ISA), Fellowships and Funding, The Office of Science and Quantitative Reasoning and Other Yale-funded fellowship opportunities

Networking and Consortium Events, Career Fairs, and Hackathons

Throughout the year, the Office of Career Strategy works with employers of all industries, including STEM, to host events and individual company sessions where students can meet employer representatives and learn about their organizations. Check out events.

Registration information is posted in the Events tab of the Yale Career Link.

Consortium Events

  • DC BIOlink: DC BioLink brings together employers in the biomedical space to interview top biomedical, biotech, and science candidates from Yale University and six other leading institutions in one convenient location in DC.
  • Engineering Career Fair Collaborative: Meet representatives from engineering firms across the country seeking SEAS students for full-time and internship opportunities in innovative fields including robotics, energy, medical devices, environmental services, transportation, and design.
  • All Ivy Environmental & Sustainable Fair: The Ivy League schools come together to produce an inspiring career fair providing companies access to undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D students with the skills and knowledge to address the complex sustainability challenges of our global economy.
  • Westfield State University: (Westfield, MA): All career fairs are open to the public.

Hackathon Organizations

Technical Interview Preparation

For a robust listing of technical interview preparation resources, please visit the Preparing for Technical Interviews page. See also our Interview Preparation page for a broader range of resources.

Preparing for a technical interviews? OCS STEM Connect Coding Practice Workshops are held throught the academic year and led by graduate peer advisors to help students searching for technical jobs gain hands-on coding experience and practice doing mock interviews.

Sample SQL Problems and Solutions from DataMask

Check out Yale Career Link, Events Tab as additional events are posted.

Resources Across Yale and Beyond

Yale-Specific Resources

Yale Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning: Promotes equitable and engaged teaching throughout the University, and supports students across the curriculum as they take ownership of their learning.

Yale CEID (Center for Engineering Innovation & Design): A hub for collaborative design and interdisciplinary activity at Yale University. Its goal is to enable the design, development, and actualization of ideas, from the whiteboard to the real world.

TSAI CITY (Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale): Inspiring and supporting students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to seek innovative ways to address real-world problems.

YSEA (Yale Science and Engineering Association): Connecting alums with students, the University, and each other.

Yale Academic Programs Research Centers: Discover how Yale scholars are advancing the fields of humanities, arts, social sciences, medicine, science, and engineering.

Exploring Careers and PhD Pathways (OCS website)

LinkedIn Learning: An online video library where recognized industry experts teach current skills. Free for current Yale students and postdocs.

Coursera: Over 2,000 online courses taught by professors around the world. Join for free and check out offerings by Yale professors:

External Resources

Occupational Outlook Handbook: search career information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations.

Article: Top 15 Search Engines for Engineering Jobs

O*NET Online: detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, students, researchers, and more!

BioCT: Connecting Connecticut's Bioscience Community

MassBio: Massachusetts Biotechnology Council

Hallo: Free Twitter chat for students to reach out to employers and ask them questions about their hiring needs.

STAT Plus: Subscription service (through the Yale Library) with access to exclusive, in-depth pharma, biotech, life sciences, and policy coverage.